Dating Someone New But Miss My Ex: I Like Someone But I'm Not Over My Ex

Hurt and confusion have been your closest companions ever since your partner walked out on you. You are broken hearted and it seems to be the most painful experience you ever had to deal with in your life. You are screaming at the top of your lungs: "I miss my ex!", but no solutions can be found if you just spend your time feeling sorry for yourself. Here are some great ideas on taking the best course of action.

How's Your Ex?

Before getting involved in another hurtful episode with your ex, take a peek at their current situation. Is your ex still single? It may be that they are not over you just yet, and that is why they postpone the moment of starting to date a new person. Is your ex with someone else? Even if this may seem a clear sign that they no longer care about you, pay a little more attention to details. If your ex just keeps changing partners, it may be that they just want to make you jealous and test your reactions, especially since they seem to be bent of introducing their new flings to you, each time you happen to be around.

Who Knows I Miss My Ex?

This is a very important question, and one that you can answer yourself. If you want your ex to know that you still miss them, but you do not want to take any chances by telling them straight, use your mutual friends as information carriers. It is enough to mention how you feel about your ex partner in a circle of friends that you know will spread the word. Mission accomplished!

Check Them Out

You cannot truly say that your ex no longer cares about you, until you listen to what they have to say. If they just keep apologizing for what went wrong between you and them, and they act nervously when you are around, it's clear as daylight that they still have feelings for you. Now, it is up to you to let them come to you on their own pace, without scaring them by being too pushy.

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You might be out of your boyfriend's life but you still miss him badly and you want him to miss you as well. Here are powerful tips to make him miss you like crazy:

Be away from him

As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so be out of his sight for sometime and make him wonder where you are or how you're doing. Without you by his sight, he will realize how much you're worth is.

Be visible when necessary

Be away then be visible again. Tease him with your presence. If he sees you but cannot grasp you like just before, it will make him long for you once more and wait until he sees you again. Don't hang out constantly around him, let him be curious of your where about and keep him guessing if you have moved on already.

Enjoy your days without him

Don't sulk inside your room because you are alone. Instead, find some things to fill up your idle time. Remember that life can still be happy without him. So learn to enjoy your life even without your ex.

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Give him some reminders of the past

Make him recall the happy days you had together. Send an email then attach some photographs of you smiling happy and contented. Or better yet, send him a compilation of your favorite music and let him reminisce while listening to it.

Send him text messages

Remind him that you still exist by sending some text messages but remember not to flood his cell phone with messages, though. Send him, say, one or two messages each week. Again, tease him with your presence.

Don't just be beautiful, be very beautiful

Let him see you after a good makeover. Being beautiful is the best revenge. He may have hurt you in the past, get back at him by being prettier and let him drool for you again. Also, let him go gaga over you new look.

Value yourself

Make him notice you once more and later on want for you again by treating yourself with love and respect. Loving yourself and knowing your real worth can attract him again; it can make him long for you once more. If you want him to miss you like crazy, don't show him that you are missing him badly. Act casually and try to ignore him a bit. Remember that he will miss you when you are gone not when you are constantly around.

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Avoid all contact

Firstly you will have to make your ex realize the mistake that he or she has made by breaking up with you. Avoid all contact, do not answer phone calls or emails, make him/her realize that you were the most important part of his/her life and that they miss you. You will have to be very strict with the "no contact" rule, until, eventually, your ex is the one who contacts you.

Learn from your mistakes

Think about why the break up happened in the first place. Try to mend your ways, dress attractively, look better than you have ever been. Mingle with friends, go to the gym, buy new clothes, have fun. This will make you ex green with envy, which will make them realize what they have lost. Make sure to make them realize that you have moved on with your life. If your ex finds out that you are livelier than you were together, then you have made your point.

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Flirt with someone else

Nothing more could make your ex want to get back to you than when they see you with someone else. This doesn't mean jumping into a relationship that you don't want. But, flirt with someone else at a party, and make sure he is watching you at that moment.

Yes this might be a bit tricky or even sneaky...But it sure does work extremely well if done in the right fashion and at the right time.

Be who you are

Last but not the least, always be yourself. Your ex fell in love with the person that you were. Do not change yourself, while doing all the things mentioned above, don't forget that your ex loves the person that you were. Just try to show the best version of you.

Unless you can put your best foot forward and be your best self...Your ex will never even think about getting back with you.

These tips will surely make your ex crawl back to you in no time. But don't rush, take things slow. Show them that you don't need them but they need you. "Playing hard to get" always works, especially in relationships.

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While you are feeling depressed about your break up, you mustn't forget that you and your ex were happy together and loved each other dearly until just before the argument you had. Okay, so at the moment your ex doesn't want to have anything to do with you, but do things the right way and you will make your ex miss you.

The very first thing that you must NOT do is trying to make any contact with your ex. In the first place it is too soon after the break up and you will only start arguing again, and in the second place your ex won't have the opportunity to miss you.

There has to be no contact between you and your ex - whatsoever from now on. For the first couple of weeks your ex will think that this is the greatest thing that has happened to him/her. This is because your ex is still terribly angry with you and is still in a lot of pain over the break up. Doing this at this point in time will not make your ex miss you.

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However, once the excitement of being single starts to wear off, and your ex is totally over the pain and fury of the break up, he/she will be thinking very differently. You see, when the pain and anger disappear and your ex's emotions start to settle down again, something else happens. Your ex's feelings for you begin to soften up and those loving feelings start coming back. Now this WILL make your ex miss you.

This is when you will probably start seeing your ex lurking in the background somewhere when you are out with your friends. Don't respond now though - it is still too soon. Your ex will get tired of just seeing you from a distance and will start talking to your friends about you. He/she will want to find out what you have been up to and whether you have been talking about him/her at all.

The thing that happens that will really convince you that you can make your ex miss you is when you start getting text messages and emails from your ex. He/she is really missing you like mad now, and is taking the plunge and making contact with you.

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