Have you ever join any bisexual dating sites? If you join them, what do you want to do on these sies?What do you care about on sites? Individual privacy or cost?

As a bisexual, being bisexual, It’s not a lifestyle, it’s not a choice. It’s just who we are.We are human beings, we are just who we are.We need friends and supporter, we need love and partner, we need fun and protection of the law. We need to be accepted like anyone else. So we join many bisexual clubs, communities, dating sites and so on..sometimes just want to tell the other people that we are always there and we are normal human.

As bisexuality has been recognized by more and more people, there are also many bisexual dating sites that cater to different dating needs. But still have many people said: bored and single. Why? I think there are some reasons :

1.Aimlessness. Many bisexual people want to find a nice date, but they don't know which one is their best choice, women or men, couples, they just say:open minded, have fun with,.... I think if you really want to find a bisexual people , yo should know what kind of gender you can date, many bisexual people like couples, because they like women and men, but most of people still be a focus.Women OR Men?

2.Join many bisexual dating sites at the same time. Yes, Join more dating sites will increase your chances of making friends, but do you really have so much time to search and make friends on every site?I think 1 or 2 is good. And you can learn more about these sites.

3.For fun. Many bisexual people join bisexual dating sites just for fun and one night stand.If you really want to have a long term relationship and dating partner, you should know that not only for fun.

4.Impatient. Just like rich people have no patience for people who fail to make them richer.Many bisexual people join dating sites, want to meet many partner right now. No, if you have this opinion,you never meet a nice partner.

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