Dating My Husband While Separated: Should I Date My Husband While We Are Separated

Ideally, marriage is a lifetime commitment but we all know that only few marriages managed to endure the test of time. Although two individuals are united as one in a marriage, the reality of marriage life is that they are still two individuals living with each other and they have differences that are sometimes hard to overcome. If the differences become so big that couples find it hard to bridge the gap between them, they eventually end up separating. Relationships are complicated especially a marriage and couples will find themselves in a marriage crisis not only once but in most cases many times. However, problems in a marriage do not mean that the relationship is hopeless and has to permanently end because there are ways to repair a shattered marriage.

Keeping a marriage is not easy and it might even harder to repair a shattered marriage but do not get discouraged because it is not too late, there are ways to rescue your marriage and reconnect with your spouse.

Mentally prepare yourself that you want to rescue your marriage no matter what. It is so easy to give up but if your marriage is worth saving and you really want to repair a shattered marriage, you have to make a promise to yourself that you will save your marriage. Repairing a marriage is not an overnight thing, you have to work on it every day and there are times that you may find it tiring and difficult. Making a promise to yourself is important for you to be strong and not give up every time you find it difficult to repair a shattered marriage. It is important that you have the passion and strong desire to save your relationship no matter what. When a person has a passion on something, giving up is sometimes not an option.

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Give each other a little space. This may look like a contradiction to what you want to achieve, that is to repair a shattered marriage but at this point you both need to give each other space not to separate for good but to give each other a little break and reflect on what went wrong with your marriage. One positive outcome of this is that your spouse will start to miss you and will remember the good times you both had. It is also an opportunity to be on your own and have the time to reflect on your mistakes. Make a list of what you should have done but you didn't and what you did that you shouldn't do. By making a list, you will have a bigger picture of your performance as a spouse. Analyzing your marriage and realizing your shortcomings are necessary if you want to repair a shattered marriage. This is also a good time to pamper yourself a little. Get a new haircut, lose those extra pounds and buy new set of clothes so that when it is time to see each other again, your spouse will be surprised on how good-looking or beautiful their partner is. It is like meeting for the first time when you started dating.

Stop blaming your spouse. If you want to repair a shattered marriage, stop blaming your spouse. Your spouse is not your enemy but a partner in this marriage so you have to preserve and protect your relationship with your spouse. Do not add additional damages by blaming your spouse. This is not the time to fight and point fingers to each other but this is the time to make up with each other. Although you both need to talk and analyze what went wrong to your marriage, it should not include blaming each other. Nothing good will come out in pointing fingers to each other. As the saying goes, it takes two to Tango. Marriage is a union of two people and every marriage go through conflicts and misunderstandings. No marriage is perfect, what is important is that you both own up to your mistakes and willing to do better to rescue your marriage.

Plan a vacation alone with your spouse. To be able to repair a shattered marriage, you both need to sit down and talk. To do this, you have to spend time alone with each other and you both have to be in a place that is beautiful and romantic. It is important to first make an effort to reconnect with each other and rekindle the passion you have with each other before talking about the issues in your marriage. A planned vacation is needed for both of you to get away from the stress and pressure of everyday life, clear your head and invite good vibes and good moods. Once you are both in the reconciliation zone, it is easier to talk about marriage issues like money issues, lack of attention, lack of time, problems with in-laws, etc. Maybe a vacation is all you need to remind you of how you both love each other and how important to keep your marriage strong.

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They say that prevention is the best medicine, but oftentimes you don't notice the signs that your marriage is about to end before it is almost too late. But if you have seen the signs, then you need to take action now, or it you may be headed for divorce court. While you and your spouse may not be on the greatest terms at the moment, you have not split yet, which means there is still hope. As soon as you begin seeing signs that your marriage is over, you MUST do something to try to stem the tide of failure.

Do not simply accept that because you've been seeing the signs that your marriage is over that there is nothing you can do. Your marriage is NOT destined for failure at this point. The first thing you need to do is sit down with your spouse and discuss the problems you are aware of and how you could go about tackling them - together.

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Too often, over time, couples lose the ability to communicate. The importance of open and honest communication can easily fall by the wayside with the never ending torrent of work, kids, chores, go to sleep, then do it again! Our spouses are the first people we seem to cut out of our lives when things get busy and stressful. We slowly stop talking to them as much, our love lives begin to dwindle, and you may even argue hotly on a regular basis. If you are dealing with these issues, you should be seeing them as signs that your marriage is over - while maybe not yet, it could be if the problems are left to fester.

You need to be on neutral ground to talk things over and begin to work through the issues that you and your spouse face. Trying going to a restaurant or other place that is meaningful in your relationship. This will make for a relaxed environment, where tensions can ease, and open, honest communication can truly take place.

If you take steps as soon as you begin seeing signs that your marriage is over, you can take steps to fix the problems before they become insurmountable. Rebuild the foundation of communication and things with your spouse will begin to improve rapidly.

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Even though divorce seems to be a way of life for many people these days, it doesn't have to be for you and the person that you married. If you truly value the commitment you made to that person and wish to honor it and be with them for years to come, then there are certain things you need to remember when going about saving your marriage and avoiding divorce. Although your problems may seem too big to solve right now, with a little time and perspective you will be able to successfully overcome and keep your relationship together.

So how do you do this exactly? One of the most important things you can possibly do to keep a marriage alive and healthy is to communicate as much as possible. Often times after years or even months of being married, couples begin to get too self-involved and stop communicating with each other on a meaningful level. Instead they just exchange greetings and rant about their day at work, but nothing really significant that reveals a little bit about how they feel or what they think, especially regarding the relationship.

So start communicating on a large level. This means talking about whatever problems you think you have. Sometimes one or more people in the relationship are too afraid to come forward and reveal that they think there is something wrong because maybe it's just in their head, but if it's enough to bother you then it is worth mentioning. As long as you communicate your concerns in a respectful and calm way, your partner should respond in kind.

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Are you hearing more excuses from your man that he is busy with his things? I bet you are in a paranoid mood wondering if he is cheating on you. Maybe there are more regular "all guys" meet up sessions, more overtime at work, signs of talking secretly on phone, dressing up differently lately and many other possible signs of cheating appearing. What should you do to stop him from cheating? There are ways to make him a faithful guy forever, but you have to adhere strictly to certain ways so that he will stop turning to other girls.

Imagine yourself in a situation, someone keeps forcing you to do something you do not like, how would you feel? Most people will actually be very pissed off and I am sure you will feel very unhappy about it too. Hence, likewise to your husband, if you keep asking him about his movements, he will get angry and defensive.

Learning how to keep your man from straying is not a difficult task, all you need to know is to learn how to deal and ask the right way. It is a very natural feeling for most people to ask when they feel suspicious. However, asking too much will cause a relationship to strain. This problem will start especially when your partner did not do anything wrong and being overly suspicious may just cause both parties to drift or break off. Of course, on the other hand, if you do not get to clarify your doubts, this suspicious feeling will just keep going and it is not healthy as well.

Listen and observe. If you have been together with your man for quite long, it is very likely your patience may not be as good as last time. Try to listen and observe what he wants, just like you did when first started dating. Men always like to feel themselves being heard and respected, if you start probing him with all kinds of questions, it is very likely for him to lie and turn to someone else for a comfort zone.

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Give him freedom.You want to know if your man is cheating, track on him discreetly and tactfully. If you force your ways by restricting his freedom, it is not going to work much. Give him freedom to do his own things and don't let the jealousy or insecurity get into your way of giving him excuses to cheat. You could actually find a hobby to divert your attention so that you will not feel so stress. More often than not, if you are reacting very calm and respectful towards him, he probably will feel guilty.

Pay attention to yourself. People tend to slack on grooming themselves when they are in a relationship for too long. For whatever reasons, it is always better to make yourself look good all the time. You do not have to dress up fabulously every day like attending a cocktail party, but at least do look well to make you feel confident.

Stay Affectionate. Everyone wishes for a loving spouse. Even when your husband knows how much you love him, he still needs you to stay affectionate. Sometimes it is the little action by cuddling and saying "I love you" could actually keep reminding him how sweet your marriage is. Keep this affection going on even he is not showing you any, he will eventually learn to do back the same when you persist.

Learn how to say "No". Don't show your desperation even when you are afraid to lose him. If a man gets whatever he wants, he becomes complacent and will get bored very fast. There are times you have to show your life does not revolve just around him. It is alright to hang out with your friends at times even when you are married with kids. Even when it comes to sex, you can tease him by refusing "occasionally". It just gets him bizarre and interested when you try to "hook his taste".

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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