We've all seen the old Hollywood movies where the girl and the boy spot each other in a crowded room and an ensuing romance occurs, ultimately leading to a happy ever after scenario. A lot of couples today till start dating in this way, maybe meeting in a bar or being introduced by friends, but with todays hectic lifestyle more and more of us are deciding to go through different methods and not leave it to chance.

The dating agency is nothing new, although they have changed dramatically since they first sprung to prominence several decade ago. They first became popular about the same time as women were breaking free from their traditional roles and becoming major players in the workforce for the first time. These modern women didn't have time to go through the traditional methods of finding a date so used these agencies to be introduced to suitable, eligible men. Nowadays there is a dating agency for every persuasion, and a quick trip to any internet search engine will bring up thousands of results. Not so long ago, a dating agency depended on the telephone and the postal service to keep it's business running, whereas now you can log onto a site, input your details, upload a photo and pay the fee with a card.

The choice of dating agencies can be overwhelming, there are those who don't show photographs and pair up couple purely on the premise of compatibility, if you think of yourself as fat or ugly, there is an agency for you too. In fact, there is now a dating site for absolutely everybody. The longest time you now spend is finding one that suits your needs. If you don't want to go down the agency route and pay to meet a prospective partner, there are numerous online chat rooms where you can meet new people and chat to them from the comfort of your own home. These are not without their dangers however. We have all seen news stories of young girls running away with older men who they have met on these sites. Unfortunately, the deserved bad press these sites have received has had an effect on the good sites out there. If you should decide to meet up with somebody you have never met before follow a few simple rules- always meet in a public place, make sure you have your cell phone with you, and if you feel at all uncomfortable, get the hell out of there!

Speed dating is another modern inception. A group of men or women sit at separate tables, and every two or three minutes people sit at their table and chat. The buzzer goes and the people move around. Although some claim to have met their life partner in this way, there are many who regard it as a laugh and only participate for the fun of it. Out televisions are full of dating shows, once again these should be regarded as entertainment, The number of couples who have forged lasting relationships form these shows is negligible, and many go on for their 15 minutes of fame.

The dating game should be fun, but if you are looking to find your life partner make sure you are joining in the right agency or going on the right site. Don't waste your time or money meeting people who just want a laugh.

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Roberto Sedycias works as an IT consultant for Polomercantil