When researching dating advice for women, it is common to become depressed; but don’t give up. If you’ve been recently heartbroken, or if you feel that you will never have a chance at romance; it’s time to snap out of it! Here is a bit of dating advice for women that will help get them out of the depressions stages of dating.

First, talk about your experience. If you have good friends and family; or a person who acts as your listener, be sure to utilize them. In order to let go of old feelings, you must learn to talk about them. Cry if you have to, eat a bowl of chocolate if you must; but be sure to let it go. It’s time to move on.

If you would rather keep your feelings private, try going to see a therapist. Contrary to the 90’s belief, psychotherapy is in! Sitting in a comfortable spot talking about yourself has always been fun. By talking to a counselor, you will be able to identify many issues in your life. This is a confidential and effective way to let go of your past issues and start living a vibrant life.

Pampering yourself is another effective way to get yourself back in the game. Book a facial a message or perhaps sit in the sauna to clear your mind. When you take time to make it all about YOU, it becomes easier to release stress and find your sweet spot again. If you enjoy exercising, perhaps you can take an aerobics class at the gym. Getting your body moving sends chemicals to the brain, which elevate your mood.

After you’ve taken the time to revive your inner self, then it’s time to move on. One of the best tonics for love depression is getting back in the habit of having fun. Remember that you don’t have to be on a quest for a new relationship before you start dating again. If you are approached by your version of an eligible bachelor, go have a glass of wine with him. Try to relax and enjoy the company. If you want to stay solo for a while, perhaps try attending an event with a group of friends. Whatever you do, recognize that life still goes on, and you have to continue to move with it.



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