What To Do and Not to do in a date?

You have finished the most important steps as we went through its detail in the last post “2 Questions: How to Find A Date? | Who To Select As A Date?”

Found the place where to find the date
Locate the person who you genuinely attracted physically
First approach using three triangle rules to discover the attitude
Staring the conversation and finding the true attitude and true attraction

And you have asked this special person on a date. Follow these tips to make it a successful date:

- Find a proper place

Assigning a place where you want to take your date to get to know them better is extremely important. You have already discovered a little about your date’s likes and dislikes in previous stages. Be a good judge and select a place where both of you enjoy, have fun and spend a good and quality time knowing more of each other. Many take it to a next level and instead of a dinner date cliche, select another place of interest. If your date likes nature, what better place than an outdoor walk in a park, buying an ice cream and while sitting on a bench and enjoying nature, have a full conversation and later go for a formal dinner date. Of course the example above is totally up to an individual taste and likes. Your date might not like sport activity, so do not assume that it is fun and decide to take her on a rock climbing because you think is fun.

- Proper attire

It is important to communicate to your date where you are planning to go and what you have planned to do so the other side can dress up accordingly. It is good to be spontaneous but in this case communication is the must. Imagine your date wearing a high heels assuming you are taking her for a dinner and you decide to go for long walk in the park! Unless you wish to buy them a set of proper attire if you know the exact size of your partner’s shoe size and what dress they are comfortable to wear, do not assume their fashion comfort and have an open communication about the date agenda.

Follow a simple rule. Your date would like to see you care about this day and make it memorable. Dress up comfortable, but impressive. Do not put on your favorite ugly sneakers with dress pants because it is comfortable. Dress up to impress both yourself and the other side to show you cared.

- Greeting

When seeing your date, greetings leave a last impression of you in his or her mind. Whether you are picking up your date or visiting him/her at an assigned place, show yourself genuinely excited and greet with utmost respect. If you are driving, open the door for your date and be courteous.

Make small talks in the car and create a comfortable environment maybe by playing a soft background music. Silence can be very loud and weird sometimes.

At the greeting time is also a great opportunity to compliment your date’s beauty and their attire. This simple compliment goes a long way as it not only creates a small talk, but also boost both of your confidence as you go along on the date.

- Attitude

You already have discovered the attraction attitude, now it is time for you to totally be yourself and discover more about the other side’s attitude as well. During the date, act excited and do not be nervous. If something happens that is out of ordinary, treat it as fun and let it pass. As an example if you are walking on the park and the two guys on the bench whistled at your date, do not pick a fight but tell your date of his or her irresistible beauty that no one can ignore and laugh about it. This date is on you. You have ask for this date, so make it happen and behave with perfect attitude.

- Stop looking at your watch

Do you have another place to be? This date is your arrangement, so stop looking at your watch to see the time. Looking at your watch often indicates few unpleasant messages such as you are not interested, you are in rush to go somewhere else or you are very uncomfortable.

Dining out etiquette

Every first date comes to perfection with a formal dinner. Formal does not necessarily means expensive dine out but to socialize with your date in a formal way. When entering the restaurant, walk alongside of your date and at the time of seating, pull the chair and help your date to sit.

1- Dress up properly

Dress up accordingly to fit the place you have chosen. Do not wear suite and tie if you are going to a corner restaurant but wear formal clothing if you have chosen a fine dining restaurant.

2- Do not jump to eat right away

Order drinks and or appetizers to set the mood. This date is a great opportunity to lay everything on the table and get to know your date as much as you can. Do not jump in to eat but appreciate every moment.

3- Be courteous and let your date order for him/herself

When the time is right ask your date politely to look into the menu for ordering food. Do not try to show off your food knowledge and let the date decide what he or she would like to eat. Stop judging what your date ordered and instead complement on their choice on the menu.

4- Do not order as you always do for yourself

Order your favorite meal but show eating etiquette to show your respect for your date. This time, you are not in that restaurant to eat but to know your date. Food is just an excuse to provide you proper timing to talk. Do not talk with your mouth full. Do not spell your food or drink and show eating etiquette.

5- You are the one paying

You have asked for this date. Do not ask to go Dutch. This dinner is your treat and show genuine interest that it was your pleasure to cover the bill. This goes back to golden triangle rules in the last article, to be genuine about you and your income status. So you do not want to impress your date with something that is truly is not into your income capacity. There are many wonderful choices of restaurant that matches every income level.

6- Ask if your date is ready to leave

Be polite and before deciding to stand up after you paid, do not assume your date is ready to leave yet. They might want to spend more time, use the restroom or simply relax after dinner. If decided to leave, help your date out of the chair and help with putting on the jacket if there is any.

- Proper goodbye and follow up

The last is to say goodbye. Do not expect anything extravaganza and leave the decision to your date for further actions. Do not invite yourself anywhere but be open to accept invitation. If there is no invite or other action, do not be disappointed. Each individual has different limit of comfort. There is no rule to get lucky on the first date!

When saying goodbye be comfortable and ask your date if the time you spend together was pleasing and following to that response cook the cookie while the oven is hot and pop the question for follow up date.

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