The first date must be the most anticipated thing in many people's minds, but what to do to have an unforgettable and beautiful dating memory, it is not easy. If you are still worried about what to pay attention to on this first date, you must not miss this sharing today. Today, I will give you a trick for single boys. If you pay attention to these three points, your date will not be wrong. Unicorn girls will like you, and you will have a romantic time.
First, be careful not to be late.

For many girls, letting you wait at the date is fine, but if you let her wait, the meaning is different. Here we remind the majority of male friends that when you first date, you must not be late.

Regardless of where the date is chosen, please do a good job in advances, such as the route, weather, and food and entertainment venues around the day, you can make a detailed plan to avoid any unexpected situation. The most important thing is that you will have more topics to talk with each other because of these strategies, and it is easy to get into each other's heart. But all things are added together. The first thing to note is that you must not be late.

Second, pay attention not to look down on the phone.

Now many people are obsessed with mobile phones, they are about to catch up with their loved ones, but this first date suggests that you put down your mobile phone and spend more time with this person who is dating you for the first time. This is a good time for you to cultivate feelings. I used to be a straight guy because I couldn't chat, the girls wouldn't reply after less than three rounds, let alone ask her out. Later, I found a book on the Internet that teaches people to chat with my sister — called a heart attack. There are many offensive words and chat skills. I tried it and copied the words in the book to talk with unicorn girls on In a week, I had about three girls and successfully won two. I didn't expect it to be so practical. Brothers who are still single, if you also want to get rid of the individual, you can go online to find it, without spending a penny, you can improve yourself, copy the words to get a girl, why do you want to be single What about dogs?

As a communication tool, mobile phones have already become a necessary and indispensable part of people's hands. But guys on a first date, don't pick up your mobile phone to play games or read e-books ... In short, what you need is to put down your mobile phone and look at the person in front of you. This is the most correct thing. . But don't ignore unicorn girls on your first date because you picked up your phone and kept playing unless you don't want to have a better future with each other, then you don't always keep playing.

Pay attention to the bill and send her home.

For the first date, please don't follow the AA system. At this time, the boys still have to learn to pay the bills actively. This will leave a good impression on the girls. The most important thing is to send the other party home after paying the bill. Don't forget it.

Paying is an art, and all paying is not measured by the word "fair". Whether it is an AA system, or girls or boys, pay attention to an atmosphere. For the first time, it is recommended that boys pay. Boys can find topics for future appointments. At the same time, this is also an opportunity to send the girl back home. If you wait for the unicorn girl to pay the bill, you also want to have the chance to send her home, or the next date; it will be difficult.

Finally, I hope that the majority of boys, don't be late on the first date, don't always play with your mobile phone, take the initiative to pay and send her home, this is the correct first date. Anyway, both men and women want to make a good impression on the first date. I don't know what your first date looks like? You can share it and discuss it together.

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