Both Data Science and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are high in demand right now. It’s no news Data science is an exceptionally highly technical field. Consequently, the tech world is booming right now. And the position of a data scientist is going to dictate the market, so having a career in data science guarantees high-paying jobs. 

Similarly, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently giving tough competition to all the other cloud services platforms. And for all the right reasons, it is adaptable, comprehensive, cost-effective, and highly secured than other cloud services. 

As a result, AWS made $10.8 million in sales in Q2 2020 and is currently the most used cloud service provider. The requirement for AWS Developers, cloud support engineers, architects, strategists etcetera, is going to experience steady growth in the long run. 

About Data Science 

Data Science is essentially an amalgamation of mathematics, programming, statistics, and design. All of these are applied in order to handle digital data collection well.As mentioned above, it is one of the best career options right now. So, pursuing a career in data science by enrolling in our online data science course is bound to give you numerous benefits. 

Why You Should Pick Data Science 

It Is A Career That Keeps On Giving: As a data science professional you will have many opportunities in front of you to pick from. Since it is the fastest-growing sector, it will create millions of job opportunities for working professionals. 

Moreover, there are very few data science professionals currently available, hence after completing our online data science training, you will have countless opportunities to pick from. 

It Is A Career That Pays Well: According to Glassdoor, Data Scientists make around $116,100 annually. Hence, a career in Data Science is going to pay you well. 

It Is A High Profile Position: It is through data science that companies are able to make better and smarter business decisions. So companies are dependent on Data Science professionals as they use their knowledge and advanced skills in order to provide more profitable results. 

About AWS

The definition of AWS has already been mentioned so let’s discuss the role of an AWS Developer. As an AWS Developer, you’d have to work with different programs within the Amazon Web Services cloud-based platform. Although this role is very similar to other cloud developers, your entire focus would be on AWS. 

You will be managing content delivery, optimizing how a company uses AWS services, data storage, as well as codes. You’ll also be responsible for constructing and updating the mobile hub, keeping a check on the configuration of various features like user authentication and push notifications. 

Why You Should Pick AWS 

It Is Highly Cost-effective: You don’t have to worry about paying money every time you use AWS cloud computing platforms. So, it is very cost-friendly because you need to purchase the subscription once and renew it only when needed. 

It Is Highly Flexible: AWS offers more flexibility than any other cloud computing platform. It can be customized as per your requirements. So, it allows the organization to select the operating system, database, and programming language of their convenience. 

It Provides Stability: AWS comprises high transfer stability and is used by numerous big corporations. Moreover, it also ensures that minimal information is lost during storage transfer with stable DevOps support. 

Both of these options are equally beneficial for your career. Hence, the decision is based entirely upon where your interest lies. CETPA is offering training programs for both the technologies. Our online AWS training course covers all the important concepts of Amazon Web Services. 

Moreover, our online Data Science training course in Noida includes basic as well as advanced concepts of Data Science.CETPA is the best data science training institute in Noida. So we will provide you with the finest data science training, which is cost and time-friendly.

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