Data mining enhances the value of unprocessed data to multiple folds. It enables the organizations to study the patterns, various trends and analyze them beneficially that otherwise would not be known explicitly. The best data mining companies involve this process to produce useful information from the available raw data.

The data is used to predict how the customers would respond to the marketing campaigns carried out by their company.

Marketers gain a fair idea about how to sell specific products to targeted customers.

The production and manufacturing companies use data mining to carry out inventory management correctly for the smooth functioning of the company.

The data mining has its foundation in three major scientific disciplines;-

1. Statistics
Statistics is the numeric study of the relationship, trend and patterns in the data.

2. Artificial Intelligence
The human-like intelligence executed with the help of software.

3. Machine Learning
The machine learning is algorithms that can derive predictions with the study of available data.

Data mining allows to have a competitive advantage as it permits the organization to make informed decisions through a thorough study of the patterns and trends.

The trends and patterns can further be used for studying future trends and prepare accordingly.

The new strategies and plans can be created to carry out the business activities successfully through the data mining process.

Data management has emerged as an asset to the organizations in the last two decades. The data mining process keeps organizations a step ahead by using this asset wisely.

Data mining is fundamental to satisfy the customers and minimize the churning out of existing customers.

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