Worried about your belly flab? Well, it does look ugly. But, in truth, that is the least of your woes if you can’t reign in! Left unchecked, it negatively manifests into many other ailments with long-term adverse health complications.   

The good news, however, is that you can blast away that unwanted chunk of flab and sculpt your abs. All it will take is determination, grit and hard-work.

In words of a health expert offering personal training in Newstead:-

“Your belly fat is like a badge of honour. And is a clear sign that you need to get in shape and take control of what you eat. Further beyond the vanity aspect, a lean, chiselled torso with a rock-hard waist also makes you stronger and less prone to injuries.

What you need is to hammer those dozens of muscles situating between the shoulder and hips to sculpt your body and even uplift your metabolism.”

And Here Are 3 Exercises Which You Should Start Doing Right From Tomorrow!

1. The Explosive BURPEE

Want to lose your gut and make those abs visible, you need to work as many muscles as you can in that area. The Burpee workout does exactly that. This explosive workout entails push-ups to a jump and back to a push-up posture- thus allowing you to hit every muscle right from your head to the toe.

Stand with your feet apart about shoulder width. Lower down your body till the palms hit the floor at shoulder-width apart. Then kick your leg backwards to a push-up posture (perform it) and then revert the movement by performing the jump and falling back to the initial position. (That is your 1 rep). So, do at least 10-15 of those in a set and try to achieve 3 in total (at least, initially).

2. The Mini Crunch or MOUNTAIN CLIMBER

This mini crunch is another way to make those core muscles work overtime. But when performing this mini crunch workout; you need to explosively draw one knee to your chest followed by the other. The crucial thing about performing this workout is that you will need to keep your body stable and in a straight-posture whenever you lift your feet from the ground.

Look to do it in intervals as it can really ramp your heart-rate and make you burn lots of calories.

Take a push-up position mainly with your hands under your shoulder and with your body in a straight line from your head to heels. Start by lifting the left foot from the floor right into your chest, followed by the right leg. 

Look to do as many in 20-30 seconds and then take a break. When starting the next rep, alter the legs.


When you add a dumbbell overhead in a lunge, you have a core chiseller.  Whenever you shift loads with each rep, every muscle in the torso needs to function together to maintain the weight over your head- says a notable expert conducting online personal training courses across Australia. Each move also engages the butt and back. Your hunched shoulders and weak glutes even play a crucial role in bulging the belly.

Use a pair of dumbbells (light to medium weighted) and hold them at full arm extension. Maintain proper lockdown through the movement by taking one step at a time. Keep the front leg knee down and raise the back leg heel. Lower the torso till the knee contacts the ground. Keep the forward leg shin vertical and complete the full hip and knee extension. 

The other leg starts the next step. Do this with 1-2 dumbbells and as many as you can.

Practise with these as much as you can, and you will notice results within a span of 1-2 months. Also, maintain a healthy diet and drink lots of water to flush out those toxins and better your blood circulation.


Author's Bio: 

The author… is a fitness guru conducting online personal training courses across Australia. Also being a personal training in Newstead, the author shares exercising tips and diet plans to keep health-enthusiasts fit and fine.