Dark net is the answer for all your shopping questions. But you won’t find a fully-fledged Amazon or Home Depot there. Instead, illegal arms, medicines, banned narcotics and other activities that amount to culpable offence in the Clearnet can be accessed in the dark web. However, users may be wondering by now about how dark web thrived until today in this digital era. Well the answer for this lies in privacy. Privacy has been the buzz word in this part of internet. It offers a completely different surfing experience with all the glitters removed and only the bare text web pages loading in front of you. Even if that’s the case, it loads awfully slowly due to the routing algorithm implemented by such browsers.
Dark Web is implemented using TOR. TOR network provides anonymity. It also ensures that users are by default anonymous irrespective of your geographical location. An external entity can track you only if a user has exposed him. There are a number of web browsers that work on TOR. Since it requires parsing .onion pages, Google and Yahoo may not be able to help a user with visiting dark web links.
Apart from masking one’s identity, TOR also provides a routing system. Here the user is taken to the webpage through a series of IPs located elsewhere in the planet. Therefore, even if the webpage that was searched for has been compromised there is no need to worry. User’s data will not be compromised and only the last node in the relay will be detailed. This way, TOR provides integrity to data and anonymity in a stretch. However, this service comes at a cost. No matter how fast the internet connection is, users will have to wait for pages to load due to this routing. The proxy servers used for routing are operated by millions of volunteers all over the globe. These servers are untraceable and their IP addresses cannot be retraced. TOR browsers also have built in security protection schemes land they also reminds user to scale down the viewing window size so as to disallow any tracking based on maximum viewable size.
There are no special hardware requirements to browse the TOR network. Just like browsing Google or Yahoo, users can type in the URLs in the browser for accessing Tor. These links are known as Onion links. There are indexing sites like the Hidden Wiki where users can access dark web links. However, be prepared for few timeouts and 404 errors since even the updated links go berserk at times. There are no specific maintenance updates or any sort of periodical reminders. TOR links are unstable and cannot be relied upon for any data transfer. Users should also note that dark web links cannot be that easily remember since they come in alphanumeric form. No matter whatever data is being search for, the web experience that TOR provides reminds users of the early 90s.

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Dark net is the answer for all your shopping questions. But you won’t find a fully-fledged Amazon or Home Depot there.