“ Most of us have two lives. The life we live and the unlived life within us.” – Steve Pressfield

You know that feeling we all get sometimes…that niggling urge to do something new and different? Or perhaps it’s a scream, a loud and urgent demand for change. It’s a voice that comes from deep within us, from a quiet, still place.

It’s difficult for the yearnings to be heard amidst the quick pressure of our lives and the self-imposed limitations we live with. The voice may come at night when we’re asleep through dreams or restlessness. Or physical symptoms and emotional upsets may arise, giving us eloquent messages about our body-mind-spirit. One way or another it captures our attention. These symptoms may be signs that we are steering away from our heart’s desires while feelings of joy and well-being tell us we are re-connecting with our true path.

John O’Donohue, mystic Catholic priest says when we choose someone or some way of life, we invest our heart. Though our choice narrows the range of possibility open to us, it increases the intensity of what we chose.

When I think back, the teachers who have made the most impression on me all had similar messages: Carefully tend the balance between body, mind and spirit; and identify and release beliefs, behaviors and past issues that hold you back. Now I also add: listen carefully for the yearnings and unformed dreams, hold them close to your heart and slowly, patiently let them unfold and develop into tangible possibilities.

The dreams can be in one or more areas of your life…your career, your relationships, your volunteer activities, your artistic endeavors, where you wish to live. Nurture them lovingly, support them with careful research and planning, then try them out. Be sure you have a support team in your life to cheer you on and provide the additional skills you need. Never settle for anything less than what you long for. Dare to follow your internal voice.

The following may help you on your journey:
· Spend time daily sitting quietly, visualizing what you desire in any area of your life
· Make your dreams real by putting them in writing with pictures around them
· Include a chart of tasks required to make them your reality. Break each task into tiny steps.
· Research what you need to know (e.g. internet, library, information interviews, trainings)
· Have a professional support team around you; highly successful people always do
· Deal with limiting beliefs, habits & pain head-on – seek whatever help you need
· Spend as much time as possible with people who support your dream and as little as possible
with those who don’t

Copyright 2007 Ellen Besso

Author's Bio: 

Ellen Besso, MA is a North Star Coach, personally trained by Martha Beck, PhD. Through her Odyssey of Change program, Ellen coaches midlife women through life challenges as they strengthen their body-mind-spirit connection, release beliefs that limit their growth & take specific actions to move themselves towards their ideal life. If you feel unsatisfied in any area of your life and would like to explore life questions in more depth, contact Ellen at: 800 961 1364 or info@ellenbesso.com. Find out more about Ellen’s work and read articles by her at: http://www.ellenbesso.com