Now its time to look clearly at what not really going for your dreams has cost you – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Give your full attention and commitment to this exercise. It is vital for creating the kind of success that you deserve to have in your life.

Spend two or three minutes on each of the questions below. Don’t take a lot of time thinking about your responses. Just write the first thoughts that come in to your mind. Play full out and really go for it.

1) What is the cost of playing small and not really going for your dreams and not really playing full out in life?

2) What has that cost you so far in life? What does it cost you spiritually? What does it cost you emotionally? Financially?

3) What would it continue to cost you if you were to carry on playing small and not really going after your dreams? What would it cost you over the next year? Over the next 3 years? The next 5 years?

4) Then what would it cost you ultimately in your life? What would you lose out on? What would you miss out on? What’s the ultimate price that you would have to pay for selling yourself short, playing small and not going for your dreams?

5) What do you stand to gain by stepping up and making the commitment today to play full out, follow your heart, and live your dreams? What’s the ultimate benefit?

6) When you achieve the ultimate benefit, what will that allow you to do or have?

7) What’s important to you about those benefits?

8) How committed are you to that?

What are you waiting for……


Author's Bio: 

Helen Roberts is a gifted leader, a popular trainer at live events, a coach and a mentor. Her fast-paced, authentic style, her incredible energy and passion will not only inspire you, you will be empowered knowing you can overcome your personal obstacles to be the best that you can be and live an incredible life!

Helen has a track record of success as a Career Development expert, Executive Search consultant, Career Coach, Mentor, Entrepreneur and Career Transition specialist with over 15 years experience. She is a top 7 figure income earner and is one of the most respected leaders in her industry. She has assisted companies and individuals worldwide and has worked out of the UK, Ireland, France, Australia, US and Singapore.

Her philosophy is simple – she always encourages her clients to Find and Do something that they love. She encourages people to strive to be the best that they can be and achieve far greater success doing something that they love as opposed to working, doing something they hate, for a pay check.

Helen has assisted many of the world’s leading investment banks, & other fortune 500 businesses & over 50,000 individuals with their career choices throughout her career. She worked in house managing large scale recruitment contracts with major investment banking & accounting houses. She career counselled people at all levels to move forward in their career.

With the global economic downturn of the past few years Helen has worked with many people to move them out of employment and unemployment and in to their own business. She identifies business opportunities for people that want to go in to business for themselves and not necessarily be by themselves. She has a shortlist of the very best business opportunities including home business opportunities available in each region around the world. She has a broad range of options to suit a wide variety of career choices & needs. She works with you closely to ensure there is a good fit and it is moving you forward with your career development. Helen also assists entrepreneurs worldwide to develop their own ideas to go in to business. Her career guidance and advice is tailored to her client’s specific needs to ensure she delivers on any task at hand ensuring a smooth career transition.

Helen has a track record of success as a Career Development specialist. She has risen to the top in every company she worked with. She is passionate about being the best that she can be and in turn driven by achieving results. She was always the top performing consultant achieving above and beyond what was expected. She was headhunted in 1995 to build the Temp & Contract business and establish a Permanent desk in a small staffing & consulting services group in the city in London. She totally transformed the business and turned it in to a multiple million pound company. She restructured the business entirely, implemented systems and procedures and hired a team of talented recruiters. Helen catapulted sales to a whole new level; increased it by 1000%. She built the temp desk from 37 to over 650 temps per week and established a permanent desk which turned over 2 million in its first year. She drove the company results to an all time record high, positioning it ripe for takeover, which it was. Helen is truly an inspirational leader.

Helen Roberts being the Entrepreneur that she is, in 1998 at 25, moved to Ireland to set up her first business from scratch. With one assistant she built the business to a turnover 1 million in her first 14 months. The business grew from strength to strength and she now has involvement in multiple successful businesses in various locations around the globe.

Helen has leveraged her experience as a career development specialist and successful entrepreneur and is now assisting thousands of people around the world in leaving the rat race and launching their own successful business.

Helen resides in Dublin & Wexford in Ireland, in London, Nice in South of France and spends time in New York. She has a passion for living life full out, she is very family and friends oriented, loves running and most sports and has competed at camogie, basketball, hockey, squash and athletics competitively. She loves travelling the world and learning about new cultures. She is currently planning to fulfill a dream and to build an orphanage in Cambodia.

If you are serious about taking charge of your life instead of life controlling you. Contact Helen Roberts today for a consultation to see how she can help you move forward in your life.