We All Dare to Dream and I am an eternal dreamer who has never stopped dreaming That is what I think
It was on National Day December 2nd 2010 Morning , a holiday, in dubai I was sitting with my wife and Daughter on the breakfast table having our breakfast. I was in my own world of thoughts about what car should I buy to replace my old car since I have sold my small car Daihatsu sirion and only a day has passed without a car.
Suddenly my wife said” Venkat I had a sweet dream about you”. I said Oh yes about me driving a merc or a fourwheel drive”.
My wife said “ Just listen to me .I was in the world of dreams.There was a contest of best achievers who are dreamers . You were awarded the Best Dare to Dream award
You know what the judge said.
The prize for the Best Dare to Dream award goes to Venkat.
I would just like to illustrate some of his daring dreams.
He dared to be a CA and also Marry a CA and run a Business solution consultancy along with his wife away from the traditional practice. 24/7 with his wife.
He never wanted to work under somebody and wanted to be his own boss with the permission of his wife to say so. He has never worked.
He dreamt of having worldwide offices and has offices in Mumbai and Dubai.
He dared to Dream at the age of fifty to follow his passion of painting and writing poems
He dared to Dream to fulfil the dream of near and dear. he promoted his son’s dream of pursuing his undergraduate studies in India.
He dared to Dream of Giving Back to Society alongside his material pursuits .
Thank You I said what a dream you had
She continued and on receiving the award you were mentioning
“ All this could happen because of two women in my life, My wife and my mother”.
“I am not Gandhiji who dared to dream leaving everything for the freedom of India. But just a humble beginner who feels courage to conquer starts with dare to dream”
My daughter started laughing and said She also had a dream.
I was with appa also in the same world of dreams in the showroom dreamworld of Cars.
A well built showroom manager was sitting and his name was Rolls Maruti who has his roots of being an Indian. Rolls said “ Welcome to the dreamworld of cars” Congrats venkat on winning the dare to dream
my daughter asked do you know my father.
He replied that he is a famous personality in the dream world.
Divya said let us see the dream cars
Rolls said since he is a CA sometimes he is calculative especially with depreciating assets, so we need not see this side of the show room where the best of cars Bently,Bugati,rollce are there as he will not dream to buy.
Divya said let me look at my dream car the fourwheel drive. Prado,Pajero and other saloon cars Merc,BMW were there.
There was an area of Rejected dream cars. Rolls Maruti showed a sparkling Merc and said this is there for the last 5 years as your calculative father rejected it for a Daihatsu sirion.
She spoke to Rolls ”we can dare to dream but can only dream thru the narrow vision of our calculative father. If he expands his vision then our dreams can be fulfilled as he is the only means to fulfil our dreams”
I was stunned with the statement.
Neela said “ Venkat what she says is true, when Divya was born we looked around for a house. Myself and your mother liked a 2 bedroom apartment with a terrace beyond our means and you fulfilled our dreams”
She said the same was with buying property in Mumbai of flats and office. Though your father used to taunt you saying venkat dares to dream and achieve but goes on to the next dream. Therefore he is not able to enjoy his office or the flat which he could buy around age of 30.
I was perplexed with this statement. I gathered my courage and asked them which car they wanted .” Both of them said a fourwheel drive”
I called up my son and asked him what car he wants us to have “ He told me that when you bought the Daihatsu you mentioned that we will have a fourwheel drive when I am 18. “ Since I am in India you can definitely go in for a SUV rather than a big fourwheeldrive”.
I told myself let me shut my calulative thininking and work for their dreams.
I called up my Brother in law and said let us go to showroom as today is a holiday and take look at the cars.
We went to Shaikh zayed Road and all the way from deira to Sheikh Zayed Road, I was only remembering that now I have stopped daring to dream but the quality has been passed on to my wife and children who now dare to dream.
We booked a Honda CRV and fulfilled their vision of dare to dream.
My energy was uplifted with the saying that a thousand miles walk can be taken only with one bold step of dare to dream .

Author's Bio: 

venkatca is a chartered accountant and a social enterprenuer.Having a business consultancy in Dubai. Member of Toastmasters club