Are you a person admired for your noble character, courage, and achievement? Do you aspire to be that type of human being? Are you one that acts courageously when facing huge personal risk, and potential suffering? Is it important to you to be a paragon of strength and to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do? Who are the people in your life that you considered to be icons, that you would like to seriously emulate. Who are the real heroes and heroines and would you want to be one? In this article I will share several thought provoking and inspiring ideas and concepts regarding this very controversial topic.
“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself” as quoted by the late writer and lecturer Joseph John Campbell. He is also the author of the book “Hero with a Thousand Faces”. Joseph John Campbell’s perception and description in my opinion is flawless. I feel it is a universal description and is applicable to all heroes past, present and future. Are you willing to give to something larger than you with all humility?
My personal view of a valiant person is one that behaves bravely (regardless if it is conscious or subconscious act) and with dignity, integrity, and with humility that greatly benefits others in need of help. There are no species, age, gender, and ethnic constraints with this phenomenon. This behavior is a lifelong process. Their motives for these actions are purely selfless and with great courage, noble purpose and intent.
Some may say it is ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I disagree. We all are extraordinary people (many of us fail to realize that we are) but most of the time we do ordinary things. Sometimes we exhibit extraordinary behavior instead ordinary behavior based on our internal and external stimuli.
Here are some ways to be one. Stay out of your comfort zone. Set a great example. Do something good for someone, and do it in the knowing that it is no way he or she could ever repay you. Stay humble and don’t seek publicity for your actions. Volunteer to aid others consistently. Place character, integrity, goodness, faith, selflessness, and courage in the forefront of your life. Be generous with your good fortune. Be a pillar of strength and endurance. Let your beacon of optimism continuously shine in the darkness of gloom and pessimism. Really believe in yourself as well as others in “doing the right thing”.
In summary dare to be a hero (you have it within you) or maybe you are currently one, and that is a beautiful thing. Contrary to popular belief, there are countless numbers of them in the world today. They are not celebrities, national sports figures, or pop stars. They are your fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors; I could go on and on. Devote your life to something larger than you and do with courage, selflessness, great strength, dignity and humility. If you feel benefited from reading this article, suggest to a loved one, friend, or whoever to read it also.

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Paul is an experienced and passionate personal online marketing mentor and leader.