Even if you work out on a fairly regular basis, it can be challenging to know if you are working out enough. We all have different exercise needs, so there are no set rules. Instead, you should monitor your body for signs that you need more exercise. Below, Dan Calugar details nine signs that you aren’t working out enough.

1. Trouble Sleeping

If you are having trouble falling asleep at night, lack of exercise could be the culprit. Exercising can help regulate your circadian rhythm, helping your body control its sleep patterns. Increasing your exercise level could help you fall asleep more quickly and sleep more deeply.

2. Lower Back Pain

Strong core muscles will help you sit/stand up straight throughout the day. But if your core is weak, your back will curve or arch. This poor posture could be causing that lower back pain. If there are no medical reasons for your pain, try adding extra core work into your exercise routine.

3. Moodiness

Stress, anxiety, and depression can all be mitigated, to some degree, by exercise. Stress causes muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, and chest. This tension can be relieved by working out. Even just a few minutes of exercise every day will improve your mood.

4. Low Energy Levels

It almost seems counterintuitive: the more you exercise, the more energy you will have. Yet, it’s true. The hormones released when you exercise, particularly endorphins, will give you heightened energy throughout the day.

5. Stiff Joints

Not working out can cause almost as much soreness as working out too much. If you are waking up with sore shoulders, neck, etc., it could be time to ramp up your workouts. Warming up your muscles and loosening them up as you work out will help you feel better now and avoid any future soreness.

6. Shortness of Breath

Even if you exercise regularly, you may find yourself getting winded easily when climbing stairs or jogging across the street. This could indicate that your cardiovascular system is not as strong as it should be. If this is the case, it could be a sign that your workouts are too low in intensity.

7. Results Plateau

If you are tracking your workout results, it is natural that you will see some fluctuations and the occasional plateau. But if time is passing and your results are still plateaued, it’s time to be honest with yourself. Are you working out as often or as intensely as you used to?

8. Sickness

Regular exercise doesn’t just strengthen your muscles; it also boosts your immune system. If you are constantly getting colds, it could be an indication that you are not working out enough.

9. Constant Hunger

Working out helps regulate the production of Ghrelin (the hunger hormone). When your body is tired or sluggish, it will produce higher Ghrelin levels, making you hungrier throughout the day.

If you are experiencing any of these nine signs, it may be time to increase your workouts.

About Dan Calugar

Daniel Calugar is a data-driven investor with an academic and professional background in computer science, business, and law. He has had the privilege to travel the world with his life companion in part due to the flexible nature of his work. He is into fitness and enjoys working out. He is a pilot with over 2000 hours of single-pilot experience flying business jets. He has been active with Angel Flight and has flown over 200 missions for Angel Flight West and Angel Flight Southeast over the past 15 years.

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