As a business owner, your top priority should be worker safety. Although safety protocols may be expensive to implement, they are still cheaper than paying workers' compensation claims or paying to replace an employee who is out for the next several months. Here are some ways that you can make workplace safety a bigger priority for your company

Create a Safety Plan

The first thing that your company should do is create a safety plan that acts as official company policy. It should outline any known or potential hazards that a worker may encounter while doing his or her job. It should also outline any potential hazards that an outside contractor may face while working temporarily at your facility.

Create a Training Plan

Once you have created your training plan, the next step is to create a training plan to ensure that your workers know what is expected of them. Workers should be trained to spot hazards, how to avoid those hazards and what to do in an emergency situation. Employees should also receive training on the specific machines that they will use while on the job to ensure that they don't develop any bad safety habits.

Consider How Safety Helps Your Employees’ Lives

If your company is in the drilling industry, like Robar Boring Contractors, you know that your employees are at risk every day. They work with heavy equipment and under a lot of physical pressure. As a boss, you may feel the need to pressure your employees to complete tasks by certain dates. That might be a fine thing to do, but just make sure that you never require them to cut corners that put their safety at risk. Their lives are important, and so you should also let them know that you will never expect them to do so upfront.

Conduct Safety Inspections Regularly

If a major accident occurs on company premises, there is a chance that OSHA will want to make a surprise visit. Instead of sweating a visit from government regulators, you can conduct your own safety checks to reduce the odds of an accident. As long as you have a safety plan and stick to it, the odds of being cited are low in the event someone does get hurt.

By making worker safety a top priority, you show your people that you see them as humans as opposed to just commodities. In addition to saving money on health care and other costs, you may see increased levels of employee morale, which could lead to an uptick in productivity. Ultimately, investing in worker safety today can pay dividends both now and well into the future.

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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.