Many of us know what a persistent and annoying condition dandruff can be, to say nothing of how embarrassing it can be! Many of us seem to be seeking an effective dandruff remedy that does actually work as a dandruff solution after so many others seem to have failed. Many of us despair to find that dandruff seems to have no permanent cure; however there are home remedies for dandruff available, that help to keep the situation under control –

Washing Hair Everyday – Many people find that dandruff is exacerbated by dirt collecting on the surface of the scalp. Keeping the scalp clean by daily shampooing and also maintaining good overall hygiene, can help keep dandruff under control

Improving Blood Circulation – This could be another of the effective dandruff solutions – comb hair regularly and in a way that the bristles actually massage the scalp. Massaging the scalp with the fingers also helps to improve circulation to scalp and thereby helps control dandruff and itchiness.

Vinegar or Lime Juice – This is one of the oldest and most popular home remedies for dandruff applying juice of limes to the scalp or using vinegar to do the same is thought to have an astringent effect on the skin of the scalp, thereby helping to control dandruff naturally.

Oiling the Hair – Various different types of hair are recommended as a dandruff remedy – coconut oil, olive oil, baby oil are all thought to help. For best results the oil should be warmed slightly and applied directly to the roots of the hair and allowed to seep in overnight (remember to put a towel on your pillow or wrap it round your head to that the oil doesn’t stain the bedding). Wash out the oil in the morning to get clean dandruff free hair.

Hair Packs – There are several natural solutions to dandruff that help keep it under control – an effective one is to make a paste using fenugreek leaves and rose water and applying this to the scalp for about half an hour before washing out. Another home remedy for dandruff is using the hibiscus flower and the leaves of the hibiscus tree to make a paste and applying this to the scalp for relief from dandruff.

Eat Healthy – this is good not just for your body but also your skin, your scalp and your hair. Eating healthy means that the body gets a lot of the vital nutrients to function properly, and it also means that the body develops a strong immune system that is able to fight disorders and infections effectively.

Control Stress – They say that worry can turn your hair gray – this is actually true! Also, stress and anxiety can cause your skin to break out and your dandruff to worsen! This is because certain hormonal changes take place in the body when it is under stress, which can exacerbate dandruff. So in order for a dandruff remedy to work, reduce stress. This will be good for you in a number of different ways.

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