Dambulla And It's Amazing Unesco Heritage Sites

Dambulla is a highly recognized city in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. This wonderful city has lots of thing to offer for its visitors. That is why it is one of the famous tourist destination in Sri Lanka. This wonderful historic city still holding it's ancient ruins and cultural values. The great lion rock fortress of Sri Lanka is located in here. Also the famous Dambulla Cave Temple is located here. These two places are recognized as the UNESCO world heritage sites. You should definitely visit these once in your lifetime in your Sri Lanka holidays. Sigiriya is a perfect place for trekking. Before you reach the rock, you have to walk a little distance, it is scenic and filled with lots of ancient ruins, likes of ponds, wells etc. In the Sigiriya rock you can witness the famous Frescoes, and the palace of King Kashyapa. Sigiriya Museum is a bonanza in your Dambulla Sightseeing tour, where you can see the replica of the Sigiriya Frescoes and a Audio visual of Sigiriya history. Ancient artifacts and tools also displayed there.

Dambulla Cave Temple is another amazing place to visit. This amazing UNESCO recognized site is structured with five caves. The first cave is known as Devaraja Viharaya, second is Maharaja Viharaya, third is Maha Alut Viharaya, forth is Pachima Viharaya and the fifth is Devana Alut Viharaya (The second new monastery). All these caves are filled with Sculptures of lord Buddha and Mural paintings, which are representing the historical events. Dambulla Cave Temple is also known as the Golden temple. The paintings and the murals designed in here are still looking fresh and good due to its great preservation. To explore these place completely with proper information in your Dambulla Sightseeing tour, it is better to tour with a experienced tour guide.

Witness The Natural Beauty Of Dambulla In Your Sri Lanka Holidays

Dambulla is not only famous for its historic and cultural values, also famous for it's natural resources. That is why this is one of the prime location in Sri Lanka that produces quality and fresh vegetables and other plants. The surrounding places like Minneriya national park, Habarana village and Lake, Kandalama Village, Pidurangala rock are some other famous tour destinations in Dambulla, where you can Spend your Sri Lanka Holidays. Choosing the best tour guide in Sri Lanka will be really helpful for you in exploring these wonderful places. Also this will make your Dambulla Sightseeing tour stress free and easy. They will arrange every single luxury for you.

Pidurangala is another famous rock in Sigiriya premises, From where you can view the complete shape of the Lion rock Sigiriya. Habarana is a small city located in Anuradhapura, where the famous Habarana lake is located. Elephant back ride is famous in Habarana Lake. This is also a vantage point to the Sigiriya rock. Habarana is famous for spices as well. Minneriya national park is another famous destination in Dambulla, where you can witness more than hundred species of birds, migrate here season to season. The Kandalama village is now emerging as an exotic village, because of it location and beauty, Sri Lankas first Five star hotel is located here. Kandalama Reservoir and Kaludiya Pokuna Forest are the main attractions here. An experienced tour guide will be helpful for you to explore these places deeply in your Sri Lanka Holidays.

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