Developing a website that attracts the eye of the visitor and engages them to interact with your site and ultimately convert them into a client is what we specialize in.

Just 99 Web Design has a team of talented web designers in Dallas that develops websites for local and national companies. We are experts in the tactics, techniques, and strategies of web design and web development.

Just 99 Web Design develops websites that attract visitors' attention to communicate your message and compel them to act by using engaging optimized content and graphic designs.

Besides leading visitors through the sales funnel, we also use code to increase your conversions as well. We understand the majority of visitors access websites using mobile phones and tablets, so all websites we develop are responsive or mobile.

While we routinely design and develop websites from the ground up, most websites can be created utilizing WordPress. WordPress is an established content management system (CMS) platform that enables clients to add content to their sites without having to engage us every time they want to make a change.

This saves them a lot of time and money and is great for enhancing their search engine optimization SEO, online public relations, reputation management, and content marketing initiatives.

Responsive Web Design

We develop responsive web design with unique coding to enable layout modifications depending on what type of device the website is being viewed from a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.

Responsive design requires excellent UI, UE, and content marketing skills, as the order of the content and number of steps is directly related to how it efficiently converts visitors into customers.

User Interface Design

Before we begin the graphic design of the website, we begin with a wireframe where we strategically allocate website real estate and strategically develop a hierarchy of content and images as they relate to the goals of the business and the expectations of the user. Imperative user interface design is where most web design companies fall short.

E-commerce Web design

These days, more and more consumers are shopping online vs. brick and mortar stores. Are you selling products online? We provide e-commerce website design services as well and will have you up and running in a few short weeks. Check out our impressive portfolio of eCommerce websites we’ve developed for our clients.

Database Development

Just 99 Web Design database developers are specialists in e-commerce websites, real estate, MLS, business directories, travel sites, interactive websites, and more.

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The concept began long before Gates and Jobs even thought about the personal computer as a way for people to get their message across.

No, we would have never dreamed of what the future held decades ago, but honestly, the message is still the same. One of the most glaring differences in successful companies and those that fail is the way they market themselves.

Just 99 Web Design will help you decide the best way to bring your message to the public. Our background is deeply rooted in sales and marketing, with a focus on website design and development for many years. The difference in what we offer you compared to many other web design companies is a solid understanding of how to make a profit. Yes, we are entrenched in the latest website production technology, but we also understand "sales & marketing 101".

Frankly, we've been there and tasted both success and failure. That's what comes from decades of doing business.

Oh, and by the way, We don't just build beautifully effective websites, we optimize them to be found and placed highly by the major search engines, as well. You can have the most fantastic website around; however, it is useless if potential customers can't find it!

Just 99 Web Design is your source for cutting edge website design and search engine optimization at a reasonable price in Dallas, Texas!

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Just 99 Web Design is Dallas' top web design & development agency. We build modern sites for companies of all sizes. Full-scale digital marketing team in house.