“Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.” Alcoholics Anonymous

"If God is already perfect, free, deathless, and complete, it would be impossible for this Perfection to cognize anything less than Itself. We do not change the nature of Reality through prayer, and it would be superstitious to suppose that we do or can. But, through prayer and meditation we enter into the nature of Reality and partake of this nature. Not that God changes, but that we change our attitude toward God.” - Ernest Holmes

People see you according to the mental images you project to the world. So today I choose to project into the world only those images I want reflected back to me. I quiet my mind in meditation and positive prayer being aware of nothing else but my breath; that clean pure energy that connects me to the energy of God. I breathe in knowing that breathing in replenishes the cells of my body and aligns me with the unconditional love of God. I breathe out and I release any belief, thought or idea that keeps me separate from that alignment. I know as I breathe in and breathe out I am a manifestation of the greater whole, a microcosm of all that is and in this moment of quiet reflection I physically align with the one mind, the one heart, the one soul and know that my life is my choice and I choose to play full out. In my subconscious mind I visualize the images of the person I want to be and the life I want to have, radiating out from my mind, influencing the world around me. For I know that it is my images and thoughts that create my experience of life. I release looking at what is or focusing on anything that is not that essence of absolute unconditional love for I know that love is the pure feeling and emotion that changes my reality and therefore changes the world one person at a time beginning with me. I remember I am only responsible for my path and as I look out heart-to-heat I touch people I don’t even know and may change their reality – it truly is the process of paying it forward. I see the people in my life reflecting back, through their thoughts, words, and deeds the positive images I have broadcast. I allow myself to I feel my vision of a life where my hopes and dreams about myself are a reality for I know that as I create this life in my subconscious mind this thought will grow into a true experience. I know all of this is true for me and I know all of this is true for you. Remember everything is energy and everything we think, say or do finds its way back into our reality. I start today being grateful for my husband, for my friends, for my spiritual community and for knowing that today I choose to remain in the feeling of unconditional love. I know that God already knows this Truth so I release it back into the Cosmos; letting go and letting God and so it is

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