“Came to believe that a power higher than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” Alcoholics Anonymous

“YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DRAW UPON THE GREAT RESERVOIR OF INFINITE WISDOM, CAPABLE OF SOLVING YOUR EVERY PROBLEM THROUGH THE CHANNEL OF AN ALL-INCLUSIVE FAITH. However, such faith is in action only when you have completely surrendered all your doubt, resentment, and all your fears whether they be big or little. Remember, faith is natural; fear is unnatural. Faith is positive; fear is negative. Faith is affirmative; fear is a denial of Life.” Ernest Holmes

I take time today to appreciate life for all it is and for all that it is not. I consciously take time to be awake and aware connecting to a power, a presence that is bigger than all life forms individually but includes all life forms collectively. This power and presence is the energy that is in, through, and around everything. I know as I surrender my small self to the larger Self I release the need to look outside myself for love, joy, or prosperity. I relax in the knowing that there is a power higher than myself that is always present, regardless of my choices, available and ready allowing me to make different choices. When I align with the power and presence of God within me my sanity is restored. My life unfolds before me with the grace of the rising sun and the ease of the magnificent stars lighting the night. This power of infinite wisdom never leaves, never judges; just is. I consciously release all fear, all doubt, all negativity that keeps me separate from the Truth of my Being. I am an individualized, unique manifestation of the One Heart, the One Mind, the One Soul; the Infinite and so are you.

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