What is success?

Human living, ever since evolution has transformed into complex societies through centuries, thereby making the human mind still more complex. Career, earnings and success are part of human living. No human life is possible without an effort to earn a living. This is where success comes to play a big role in our lives. Success is the abstract and objective result of an effort or purpose to accomplish or attain a sustainable living through a plan of human action. Success is a relative term and it varies from person to person in wealth, fame and social status etc.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are assertive statements to the subconscious mind to influence speech, behavior, attitude, actions and reactions. They help build up will power. This will power is achieved through self discipline and by nurturing sustainable actions. Positive mindset which is the most powerful life strategy is the basis to attain the required will power. Applying the law of attraction influence mental vibrations for creating positive thoughts and positive vision to achieve the set goals. If you think positively that you can achieve something - you can do it and this is an affirmation to set your path right. All positive adjectives or words or statements are affirmations to your ‘self’ to trigger the subconscious mind to plunge into positive actions. Success stories are also affirmations to serve as a beacon light to show the direction and help guide you on the path to success.

Why are affirmations required for success?

Human mind never ceases to function as long the human body is alive and it keeps reacting to every physical and mental feeling. It is here that self affirmations help condition the subconscious mind to develop positive perceptions of your ‘self’. These self affirmations not only keep all harmful thinking and behavior not to get registered in the mind but they also help undo any damage caused by negative scripts or perceptions. Positive attributes namely, your best qualities, abilities, drive, dynamism and decision making are some of the important affirmations for success and to keep you always strong and steadfast.

How to use affirmations for success?

Successes are an essential aspect of our lives for achieving well being and earn a respectable living. There is no short cut to success. It comes with hard work, commitment, vision and direction. Affirmations truly motivate the morale in you and lead you to success, step by step. You think about your strengths and weakness and while doing so you have to be truly honest, as any falsehood in them would only weaken your self-confidence. Pretence cannot pull any wool over others eyes not to see your weaknesses. Then you have to draw a map of direction duly prioritizing the list of things to work on to reach the goal. Write down all positive attributes and keep a self check on them. You have to maintain a cool temperament in public relations and avoid sending wrong signals to adjudge you as a negative character. The best way to behave in public life is to wear a smile on your face even when encountering an adversary.


“Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you, and in the end you are sure to succeed.” Abraham Lincoln

If you are determined to achieve a set goal, no potholes or bottlenecks can stop you. All you have to do is to find ways to overcome them. Disillusionment or discouragement should never enter even in the subconscious mind. And, when they are forced on you, use all your positive affirmations and get rejuvenated. After all ‘Success is nothing but getting up one more time after you fall’.

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