I’ve only seen daffodil gardens in public parks and plant conservatories, gardeners usually grow these lovely spring bulbs in mixed borders, where their fading foliage can be concealed by the fresh growth of the summer perennials after they are done blooming.

The basic layout of a daffodil garden is very simple: in the fall plant bulbs in layers, according to their height, color and blooming time, to ensure continuous sprays of flowers in all shapes and sizes from March till May. There are also very special varieties that bloom during the summer, and even in the fall, for those who love daffodils so much they can’t wait for the next spring to come along.

There is no hiding from the fact that daffodil foliage looks very unattractive after their flowers fade, so if there is nothing else growing on the site for the rest of the year you’ll have to find another way to distract the view from it, like a natural hedge or a flowering trellis.

Feed the soil the same way you would any other perennial and water regularly, a task that seems absurd in the absence of visible plant parts, but bulbs need plenty of water and will shrivel up to nothing when they don’t get it. I learned that the hard way.

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