Selenium is a popular automation framework for functional testing and web app testing. Automation testers who use Selenium can run tests on various browsers and platform combinations by using an online Selenium Grid. Although selenium is the go-to structure for test automation, Cypress – a generally late participant in the test automation game has been catching up very rapidly.

Similar to selenium, Cypress is also an open-source test automation framework to test web applications. And here comes the big fight Cypress vs Selenium. Here’s a list of some common questions that might come up while comparing Cypress vs Selenium.

Is Cypress an alternative to Selenium?
Does cypress support popular programming languages?
What is the architectural difference between Selenium and Cypress?
Does cypress also support cross browser testing?
Here we’ll see the comparison- Cypress vs Selenium. Before digging to the comparison, let us see each one in detail.

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What Is Cypress?

Cypress is a completely Javascript-based front end testing tool built for modern web. It focuses to overcome the pain points that developers or QA engineers face while testing an application. Cypress is a more developer-friendly tool that uses a unique DOM manipulation technique and operates directly in the browser. It provides a unique interactive test runner where it executes all commands. It’s official documentation states that cypress differs fundamentally and architecturally as compared to Selenium.

With Cypress, developers or QAs can create unit tests, end to end tests, integration tests. By using agile methodologies, front end developers have started creating their own test cases. Javascript is a widely used language among front end developers. As we already seen that Cypress is purely Javascript based tool which indicates how this tool is designed to meet the requirements of front end developers. Normally, one should be proficient in JavaScript prior to beginning with Cypress testing. Architectural improvements in Cypress allows testers to perform Test-driven development(TDD) with complete end-to-end testing.

What Is Selenium?
Selenium is a popular test automation tool which automates web-browsers. It is the most lovable testing tool for developers since a decade. Selenium allows QAs to automate test cases for desired browsers by using the Selenium WebDriver library with a language-specific framework. QAs and developers also have the flexibility to choose the programming language of their choice. Selenium developers have developed language bindings for various languages such as Java, Python, Ruby etc. Web driver make suse of a JSON wire protocol for executing test cases. Execution includes three main steps:

Test commands are translated into a URL
Browser Drivers receive these URLs using HTTP server
URLs are forwarded as a request to the actual browsers and all commands in the test scripts are executed.
Cypress Vs Selenium-
1. Language Support-
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