The safety, privacy, discretion, and security of connected autonomous vehicles have been drastically increased in current days – The testing at WMG, University of Warwick has proved it through a different mechanism.

They were capable to connect CAVs to other CAVs while the connectivity structure was highly precise, accurate, and safe. These improved variations of connectivity and privacy of the data have been updated and enhanced because of the University of Warwick – Thanks for its testing innovations.

In the coming days, the connected and well-integrated autonomous cars will be seen driving across the roads of UK, USA, and other major developed countries. The researcher’s team behind the project is passionate for measure results in real-world testing.

In the prototypes, they had gone through four major innovations, while every single has been tested with a vision to enhance the security and update the privacy of connected cars.

The CAV is grabbing the Industry’s attention, investors find it an attractive option while the government is assisting the projects too. The autonomous vehicles with improved connectivity might bring some advance and modern challenges to cybersecurity and might open new dimensions of digital and physical threats.

Four main innovations are being practiced during the development and testing phase are as followed:

Priority is given to Authentication Process

For any car to get connected with another, or to identify the other vehicle is a quite tricky and expensive process. There might be some limitations like the low potential hardware resources, capable to receive a less or limited number of messages.

On a busy track, there are hundreds of cars accelerating across the road one-on-on and there could be a massive exchange of information. The problem is just about the instant command processing as the current module does not provide the vehicles ample time to confirm the identities in a timely volume.

This response time has unlocked new challenges as the third party can send vague information, which reduces the chances for correct message identification.

Therefore, messages can now be verified based on the high or low priority assigned to them. Considering this, a high priority message will be verified first when compared to messages having different priorities.

Group Signatures

CAVs purposes are to make vehicles efficiently communicate with another vehicle. There must be some set of protocols and signatures, a definite way for the communication message to be identified among different driverless cars.

To ensure the safety and security, a concept of Group Signature has been established that purposes identifications that this certain CAV is a part of a specific group.

These assigned group signature policies are very convenient to modify using a specific approach and updated after 10 minutes. Just for an example, if one single car sends a message at 10 AM and then again sends it at 10:10 AM, then signatures will be different. This process has heightened the level of security and updated the privacy.

The question arises that how the vehicle identifies another one. This leads to open some new challenges while the configuration of the public key, downloadable from the server key has solved this minor problem. There might be some limitations from the cloud providing the key server.

Moreover, to make vehicles capable of receiving the public keys quickly, the key servers are circulated across the infrastructure edge, by the side of the roads.

Decentralized PKI with Pseudonyms

Through this type of innovation, some new identities could be addressed to a car while on the roadside, as an extra addition of a security layer. This innovation is connected with the group signature and other innovations, requiring that at least a group signature must work.

For a perfect model, each of these innovations was tested on real grounds. The real-world testing has once again opened some new dimensions and redirected the decisions. The further investments must be aligned with modern communication infrastructure while the researchers must go for the real-world testing to improve the ways vehicles get connected with one another. This discussion about the cyberattacks and security is also in top of the list.

Cybersecurity and CAVs

The connection between cybersecurity and CAVs is always raising new challenges, problems and contains a lot of modern issues. The most critical challenge is the combination of cybersecurity with physical realms! The automated vehicles are very much efficient but they still require a lot of improvements, especially in terms of cybersecurity – As everything connected to the internet can be hacked!

There are also several possibilities of cyberattacks via V2X communication channels. Whenever the software is looking or searching for the updates from the reliable sources, the hackers can inject their infection or the virus file, resulting in compromised security level and reducing the level of protection.

This is really a sensitive nature while CAV and affiliate industries are now at the top target list of hackers. As the security is improving, the hackers are enhancing their practices to break the modern automated vehicle security systems!

The above mentioned 4 innovations have truly influenced the world but the entire globe needs some quick, more precise and efficient way in which the vehicles communicate one other. This could only be possible with the reduce cybercrime and attacks by the hackers.

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Article written by Shawn, He occasionally writes blogs for Quick Fit Autos.