CYBERPUNK 2077 will be one of 2020's biggest video game releases, and also a surprise that is new was introduced to accompany Xbox One launch and the PS4.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a highly anticipated release on Xbox, PC and PS4 One, and it is also becoming a surprise growth.

Though it would not surprise us to hear that they have content planned for Cyberpunk 2077, this won't be DLC. Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City Is So Big That CD Projekt Red Had To Hire Real City Planners To Help Develop It.

However, something that wasn't mentioned was the plan to release a companion tabletop game.

And while we don't know if Afterlife: The Card Game will be launched, it will be the same year as the video game experience that is full.

This may help explain those rumours suggesting that CD PROJEKT RED had multiple Cyberpunk 2077 games.

This was followed by an announcement in the studio there were projects in the works.

It ends up; those were largely connected to games.

The one unannounced job that was mentioned was in relationship with a game, instead of anything AAA.

However, this brand new tabletop game will be part of the Cyberpunk 2077 universe, which should come as news for fans.

According to the latest update from CMON, Afterlife was developed by award-winning game designer Eric M. Lang.

The game features the shadowy alleyways of Night City, where ruthless gangs clash with companies in an endless war for money, power, and control.

Here's additional information about the premise of this card game, with the CMON description

Fixers will be the databrokers and masterminds in Night City who amuse cyberpunks, equip them and ship them out on assignments.

"But nothing's free in Night City. Players will need to balance between what they could actually afford and what they need. Employing dashboard that is distinctive and an advanced drafting mechanic, players must decide to forfeit for money in order to buy new ones, and which cards they wish to purchase.

"Each successful mission increases the player's Street Cred, together with mission survivors becoming Veterans, imparting their knowledge and experience to newer recruits. In this chrome-infused world, Street Cred is the only currency that truly matters."

And when this new game turns out to be a hit with fans, CD and CMON Projekt RED has confirmed that this will be exactly the first cooperation between both companies, together with plans for more to follow.

Eric M. Lang, CMON's Director of Game Design, stated of the undertaking,"I am a massive fan of Cyberpunk and have played with it since the very first edition. I have kept up with the franchise over time and grew up playing with the RPG. Andrea Chiarvesio and that I was outside thrilled to work on it."

"We've got a big board game community at the studio, and we could not be happier to associate with CMON.

As confirmed previously, we do not have a release date to the Afterlife game that is new , just that will be launched in 2020.

This means that it might arrive before or following Cyberpunk 2077 is published on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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