CVV card: what is it? It often happens that you ask yourself what the CVV of a business card (both a credit and a debit card) is and where it is, especially when you are about to make a business payment by credit card or debit card.
In reality it is a real security code present on debit and credit cards that is of fundamental importance, especially when making purchases on the internet. Sometimes, however, the details of this code are poorly understood. In fact, we often come across online articles that answer the question "what is the CVV" (placed as "CVV card: all the details", such as "CVV credit card and CVV Dumps: what is it?”or erroneously as" what is the CVV? ").
CVV: what is it about?
The CVV code is a 3-digit security code usually found on the back of debit and credit cards (i.e. on the back of cards with IBAN , in this case of a company). This is not an extremely visible and embossed number, which is why it is a guarantee of safety and can sometimes be difficult to find. An example of these is the Mastercard debit cards: with these you can in fact make online purchases but you must necessarily enter the CVV code in order to proceed with the payment. This is a short set of numbers that is part of credit card data as well as debit card data.
Why CVV?
The CVV name derives from the English expressions "Card Validation" or "Card verification" , that is a code that allows the verification of the card. It is a unique and individual code, which means that it is associated exclusively with the person holding the card in question (the card can be American Express, Mastercard, Visa, etc.).
So if you are still wondering what the CVV code of a card is (be it a "debit card cvv" or a "credit card cvv"), we can summarize its functionality by stating that it is a further measure of security thanks to which unauthorized and fraudulent automatic operations and transactions can be avoided.
CVC or CV2 code
Sometimes it can be complicated to understand what CVV is because, beyond the information, this code is often also called CVC or CV2 . In reality - when you are asked to enter one of these codes - it always refers to the CVV code.
The CVC security code: what purpose?
This 3-number code is often required when making online card payments for both personal and professional purposes. In this way it is possible to avoid online purchases via cloned card or avoid theft on the internet.
Since it is a unique and strictly personal code, the so-called CVC or CV2 allows you to identify who is going to make the payment. Each card linked to the same company current account has in fact its CVC, which identifies not the holder of the company current account but the holder of the single card.
How to use it?
Before providing the verification code of your company card, we suggest that you always pay attention and carefully choose the site on which to insert the CVV of your company card. This can help you safeguard the financial resources of your business or enterprise.

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