Work with extremely sensitive to the protein extracted from silkworm. Viscosity of the protein to be monitored and remain stable during the entire research effort, but only a small amount of material. They selected VISCOlab 4000, because it requires a small sample of fluid and accurate, and easy to use and clean. "

VISCOlab 4000 viscometer to measure viscosity up to 12 ranges. This small sample viscometer requires less than 1.5 ml of sample for measurement and self-cleaning. VL4000 allows statistical reliability, provide a sample for robust, accurate and repeatable. Because of its innovative oscillating piston design, VISCOlab 4000 measures the viscosity range of liquids at ambient temperature, ensuring a consistent and repeatable viscosity measurement. VISCOlab 4000 with a serial interface is easy to output data to a PC or optional thermal printer.

Low-viscosity model for the leader of the Cambridge Viscosity provides automated viscometers advanced laboratory and process viscometer systems around the world. Cambridge is a world-wide with an application engineering support and services when and where needed.

"The maximum oil production, while reducing the viscosity of EOR EORpolymer cost is our goal," - says the lead engineer of one of Canada's largest oil exploration and production (E & P) companies. Polymer viscosity control has become a hot topic in the industry over the past few months. Polymers allows the injection of water, it is better to combine the oil reserves, which improves water penetration in rock pores, to improve the viscosity of oil production. If the polymer solution in the reservoir of oil are not sustainable, production could fall significantly negating the enhanced oil recovery (EOR) process benefits.

The Canadian E & P company is working with Cambridge Viscosity dynamically manage their EOR polymer viscosity wells to increase oil production, while reducing the amount of the polymer EOR needed. They typically use a single polymer mixing station platforms and five polymer injection, with one platform, oil recovery and oil each. The project uses a Cambridge-line process viscometers for mixing and injecting the in situ measurement of polymer solution viscosity. Viscosity of the information is sent to a centralized management facility, where the polymer solution viscosity can be improved in order to increase oil production.

The company chose the Cambridge viscometers, because they are accurate, reliable, vibration insensitive, and compact enough to be installed indoors. Viscometers are also well suited for hazardous locations where they are normally mounted. Cambridge Viscosity President Robert Kasameyer "says E & P peers expected return on investment is high. This is particularly the oil company hopes to extract the oil content increased by 20% and significantly reduce the amount of food grade polymers, which they must buy."

Cambridge Viscosity, compact, low sample viscometers leader, set the standard for highly accurate, reliable and low maintenance of viscosity measuring equipment and control systems. Patented oscillating piston technology ensures accurate, fair results across a wide range of laboratory and in-line as well as in refining and petrochemicals, oil and gas, coatings, paints and inks, and pharmaceuticals.

Cambridge Viscosity sensors and viscometer systems conform to ASTM, DIN, JIS and ISO standards, various models designed to meet specific industry and application needs

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