We all want a beautiful home that is the owner’s pride and neighbour’s envy, but sometimes we don’t have the budget to do a full house renovation! This is why you should talk about customized makeover plans with your interior designer in Ludhiana when you are planning to renovate your home next. But that is for rearranging the inside of your home; if you plan to make changes to the structure of your home, then it is better to get a customized plan from a top architect in Ludhiana. In fact, for the best result, use both of their services and you will have a great renovation at hand.

Now let’s see what kind of customized makeover plans you can opt for:

Add a room or change a single room: Do you have a vacant space in your house, like an open terrace or indoor courtyard? Then you can opt for a customized plan to convert that space to a new room as per your need. Before doing such changes, it is advisable that you show your house plan to a reputed architect and confirm with him or her if the changes you want can be done or not. The architect will not only advice regarding the structural impact of your renovation (whether the foundation of the house can withstand the new weight) but also let you know if that is allowed as per your local building code and guideline. If the renovation plan is for a previously empty room or if you want to change one room into another (for example upgrading your child’s nursery to a room for young children), then looking for the best architect in Ludhiana is not necessary; an interior designer can do this job.

Hiring designer for a specific event: Is your house going to host an important event? Then you can go for a customized plan to renovate your home temporarily for that purpose. In such cases, it is of course not necessary to look for architects in Ludhiana, any good interior designer will do the job. The work may include decorating the house for few days to laying out a gallery wall; if you want the best budget, see if your interior designer is ready to work by the hour rather than a fixed price.

Guide on buying furniture/accessories: Again, this kind of customized plan can be negotiated with your best interior designers in Ludhiana. Just mention your budget and what kind of theme you are looking for that room and let him or her buy furniture and/or accessories for that room.

Drafted floor plan: Do you like to do the shopping yourself but not confident regarding how to decorate your room? Then go for the customized plan where your interior designer will create a mood board for you. They will draw how to place the furniture and what kind of accessories you can add to beautify the room. Based on that, you can make your purchase and decorate the room as per your choice and budget.

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