Homepage is the search engine or any other website that opens up immediately after you open your browser. You can select any website to be your home page all you need to do is drag the website link from your navigation bar to the home icon and that site can become your homepage of whichever browser you are using. Once you have selected a website to become the homepage of your browser it will be opened when you would open your browser. If you are bored of the same look of your home page you can select homepage themes from the internet, you can also personalize your homepage by using your own photos or pictures of your family and friends. There are many sites that provide homepage themes for your homepage. Your homepage can be Google, yahoo or any other search engine. There are many search engines that are powered by Google.

There are websites that provide custom Google homepages; you can customize your Google homepage by selecting a variety of themes. These themes can be of different types from abstract to nature related, to animal themes to celebrity themes. The custom Google homepages can be selected by Google or other websites that are providing such themes. There are websites like bling my homepage and pimp my homepage etc that will help you create millions of famous homepage themes with titles such as humor, love, flowers, sceneries, holidays, movies and much more. It is not a difficult process to create your custom Google homepages, all you need to do is select a title under which you want to create the theme and then select your particular favorite design. Once you have selected a particular theme you can set that as your homepage as an option or button will be provided which you just have to click and get your favorite homepage theme.

You can now search with your own unique style and once you are bored with the theme you always are at liberty to change the theme of your homepage easily and quickly. Now you do not need to get tired of the normal page of Google as you can search with your awesome theme of Google. Now there is another personal thing in your personal computer your unique styled search engine. Now your search engine will also reflect your unique taste and style. The customization of Google is not just confined to the theme of the page; the search bar of Google can also be dragged and placed at anywhere on the page. So you don’t have to worry if the search bar is stationed at the face of your favorite celebrity just drag it away and enjoy.

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