There was a new site called pimp my search that came in the web market in 2006, it was made to make a search page like Google but replace the name of Google with any other word as according to the choice of the customers of this website. This web site was not affiliated with Google and was non commercial site. This website was established in 2006 but it became famous in 2008 as there was a buzz about this website on many other media websites as well as in videos on You Tube. But in 2009 this website was closed and taken off the web. It was known that this website had some controversies with Google, as in the month of February of 2009 it stopped providing search facilities of Google. When this website was opened by users after February of 2009, the users were disappointed to see a message that stated that Google is not allowing the web search through them because of some issues regarding trademark. At present if one opens this site they see a message that states that this site is permanently closed because of trademark issues. Hence pimp my search was closed down due to a dispute regarding trademark issues.

When it started becoming popular in 2008 people started talking about it as a match to the Google. People went straight to Google when they wanted to do a web search about anything but during the popularity of this web site people started thinking that the name of Google may not remain ever-present. This website allows its user to customize Google and users can replace the name of Google with their own names. This website will let you modify the skin over the search interface of Google. The users were also able to customize Google with any other phrase or word they wanted. All you needed to do was put your name or any phrase you wanted with the web link they provided and as easily as that you were able to customize Google.

With pimp my search the customers were able to select Google themes from a variety of choices like displaying abstract Google themes to celebrity Google themes and much more. You were even able to select themes related to your favorite TV shows or actors and actresses. The users can even create their own themes with their own pictures of pictures of families and friends. So whenever you opened your browser you can see your own customized theme and you can search the web in your own style. It was greatly appreciated by people as they can see their own personalized search page and have fun while surfing the internet. The themes provided were awesome and the logos were all personalized.

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Unique idea to customize your homepage themes by adding customizes Google option to your webpage.

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