All online Facebook users are now very well aware of those small articulately beautiful apps that could catch those 700 million users in its vicinity. These small apps are your marketing tools to entail you into the business league and also your social intrigues that would really make you pop up to success. You ought to get your apps integrated into your Facebook fan pages to get maximum traffic and friends on your list. As you go on with your Facebook apps development, you will find it becomes the most creative endeavor on your part, as you not only make your apps stand apart but also make them the best tools to increase traffic on your website and also your business.
There is no doubt that Facebook fan page is a lot more than your business brochure or even your tool to help create community around your business. With the apps you can have your Facebook fan page turn into a big source of information about your brand. You can make your apps as much comprehensive as possible while providing your fans many options to get in touch and search for more information. You can easily have your apps customized and let your users know you can provide much more to them in contrast to the competitors.
Customization of the apps can be done in many ways like displaying your Twitter Feed. Twitter has 1.2 million monthly active users, and with the help of the same you can create a tab on your Facebook page. It can also help you to display your company’s recent tweets. This is a great way for providing real time and additional feature for your Facebook users who do not have Twitter account. It is very easy to have your app set up and its free version can also allow you to make adjustments to the number of tweets. In case you would like to have a paid version, you can have a control over the content limit, choose your color scheme, add banner and also allow comments to be added on your Tweets.
Next of the most popular is your RSS Graffiti which has around 1.5 million monthly users. It allows you to directly post your wall updates any time a new item is added on your particular feed. In case you get your blog published to the company blog each day, RSS Graffiti can directly post small excerpts of your content while creating a link with your Facebook page wall. This can save you a lot of time in creating update of your new wall every day and distribute content.
Customization is a continuous process in your Facebook apps. Once you are done with facebook apps development, you can get it customized in any way you want. This will increase the credibility of your Facebook fan pages as well as your business.

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