Initially starting a business is challenging considering the investment and the risk you’ll have to take despite the uncertainty in what lies ahead. However, one of the least considered investments people tend to overlook is the development of a business logo.

A market leader in manufacturing customizable non-woven bags, ZEDPACK believes that smart packaging of your products holds great potential to attract consumer attention, build a positive perception about your business, as well as to compel the prospective customers into investing their trust into your products. Most upscale brands around the world swear by this marketing tactic.

Non-woven bags by ZEDPACK perfectly serve this purpose. Not only do they help in forming the basic identity of your product, but they also play a crucial role in expanding and enhancing the reach of your brand. Reflecting aspects like look and feel of the products, these bags also help in curating the customer’s buying behavior.

According to market experts, eye-catching packaging is crucial to the point-of-sale, which usually garners a positive response from the majority of the customers. “A shining wrapper having a simple gift still evokes a certain degree of excitement around the package. Therefore, it is an added advantage for a business owner as it enhances customer experience and plays on an intuitive level with its functionality and superior aesthetics,” quipped a ZEDPACK representative.

Keeping the significance of waste management in the hindsight, ZEDPACK has created a product line that can accelerate the transition from plastic bags to non-woven bags. Using polypropylene fabric, their non-woven bags are durable, washable and lightweight. Apart from being instrumental in saving the environment, these bags are also trendy and chic. A non-woven shopping bag highlights your compassionate attitude towards the environment.

Holding an industry experience of more than two decades, ZEDPACK specializes in cutting-edge customizable non-woven bags , for an array of products such as garments, groceries, sweets, gifts, etc.

Non-woven bags are manufactured on fully automatic imported machines for better output for print quality, clarity in designs, especially for a gift, wrapping for weddings, designer garments, and jewelry.

While there are many non-woven shopping bag manufacturers in the market, each of them has its own uniqueness in their products. ZEDPACK, a front runner in the manufacturing of the non-woven shopping bags, strives to deliver all-rounded products. The bags are undoubtedly great in strength but what sets their shopping bags apart from the rest is their versatility.

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Vikram Singh