If one was to come into contact with someone they know, they could end up receiving a smile and then a few words. At the same time, they might not offer them a smile and only a few words could be spoken.

When the former takes place, it is likely to be a sign that one is close to the other person, or that they have good communication skills. On the other hand, when this doesn’t happen it could mean that one doesn’t have a close connection to them, or that they are not very good with people.

An Important Factor

However, regardless of why one would meet someone they know and not receive a smile, it is clear to see that this is not something that can be overlooked. This is because it can be something that will set the tone of an interaction.

Of course, the other person could start to smile as time goes on, but at that point, it might be too late. When that happens, one may have started to wonder why they are talking to them, or they may have ended the interaction before their behaviour changed.

Another Angle

If one does meet someone they know and they overlook how they greet them, it could be because they know what they are like. In this case, it could mean that the other person doesn’t smile much and it is then not a sign that they are not pleased to see them.

Also, one could be in a position where they don’t value themselves and this is then something that they have become accustomed to. As one feels like a burden, they don’t expect other people to treat them any differently.

Another Area

Along with the kinds of responses that one gets from the people they know, there will also be the responses why get from the people they don’t know. And this will include how people respond to them in shops and other businesses.

If one is used to being treated well by the people they spend their time with, they are likely to expect the same kind of treatment when they go in these kinds of places. But even if one doesn’t spend time with people who treat them well, it doesn’t mean that they will expect this kind of behaviour when they go to buy something.

Different Standards

This is then similar to how one’s house can be a mess, but when it comes to going on holiday, they can expect the hotel to be in pristine condition. Thus, what one is willing to put up with can all depend on the context.

And although one should expect good treatment if they are buying something, they should also have the same expectations when it comes to the people in their life. For one thing, one will spend a lot more time around these people, and so they will generally have a bigger effect on their life.

The First Part

When one goes into an establishment, the response they get from the people that work there will have big affect on the kind of impression they form about the business as a whole. Just as one is likely to form an opinion on someone based on how they behave when they first meet them.

After this first moment has passed, a business might not get another chance to create another impression. Now, if they generally create a good impression when people pay them a visit, this is not going to be something that they need to worry about.


Yet if they don’t create a good impression when people enter their establishment for the first time, this is going to be something that is bound to trouble them. Instead of doing what they can to thrive as a business, they will be doing what they can to lose customers.

And so the sooner they deal with this problem, the sooner their business will be going in the right direction. As it might not matter what they have to offer if they don’t know how to treat their customers.

The Power of a Smile

When one first enters an establishment, they can be made to feel welcome with a smile, and it will be important for there to be eye contact. The reason it is likely to have a positive effect is because one is being embraced.

It is clear for them to see that the person who is greeting them is happy to see them and wants to assist them. One will then form a positive impression of the person who is helping them and the business will also be seen in the same light.

Each Step

This is only going to be the first step though, and it will be important for one to smile from time to time throughout the interaction. Through doing this, it can cause the experience that one had at the beginning to stay with.

If one receives a smile when the interaction comes to an end, it can leave them with a positive emotional experience to take away with them. Through being treated in this way, they might be only too happy to go there again and/or to recommend the business to others.

The Opposite

When this doesn’t happen and one only hear words coming from someone else’s mouth, for instance, it is going to be normal for them to wonder what they are doing there. It is then not as if they are happy to see them; it’s as if one is putting them out by being there.

This kind of approach is likely to work perfectly if they want to lose business, but if they want to be a success it is unlikely to work. Fortunately, this is not something that will take a long time to implement.

Stepping Up

In order to do this, a business could get their staff members to practice smiling in front of a mirror. Through putting the effort in, it should only be a matter of time before it becomes second nature.

It has also been said that this is also about having the right mindset and how this will make it easier for someone to respond in the right way. As if they are in the right state of mind when someone pays them a visit, it will be a lot easier for them to smile.

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