Someone could enter a store and not receive eye contact from anyone who works there, and it might not bother them. The same thing could take place when they go and pay for what they have come to buy, and once again, this might not faze them.

This could be because they are in a rush and want to get what they need without wasting time. Or it might come down to the fact that they know what it’s like in the store, and this means that they have come to accept what it’s like.


On one hand then, it could be because they don’t expect anything else, and this can then mean that they are not going to be affected by how people respond to them. There is then no point in them getting annoyed about something that they have no control over.

But on the other hand, this could be a sign that someone doesn’t expect people to acknowledge them. It then might not matter where they go as their expectations are going to be the same, and they are not going to expect to receive good customer service.

The Only Option

However, there is also the chance that it is the only store that has what they need; it could then be something that someone has to put up with. They expect more, but it is not possible for them to go anywhere else.

Therefore, if they were to find another store that sells the same things, they wouldn’t use the same store again. At this point in time, it could be sad that it is possible for the store to get away with bad customer service; but if another store opened, they would need to change.


This is a scenario that could be seen as the exception as opposed to the rule, and this is because there are usually a number of places that sell the same thing or offer the same service. As a result of this, is will be important for a business to offer good customer service.

If they don’t, there is going to be a strong chance that their customers will simply go somewhere else; there will be no second chance. And once someone person has had a bad experience, it might not end there.

Word Of Mouth

This person can then share their experience with the people they know, and this could stop them from going to the same place. It won’t matter if they haven’t actually been there themselves, and this is because human beings generally value the views of the people they know.

The experiences other people have can then take precedence, and it won’t matter whether someone has been to the same place. Yet, even if a business has good customer service, it doesn’t mean that they will be able to please everyone.

The Commitment

When a business is committed to offering good customer service, it will have a positive effect on their customers. For one thing, these customers are likely to talk about their experience with the people they know.

If they need to experience the same service, there is a strong chance that they will go back to them. In this case, someone might put up with bad customer service once, but they are unlikely to put up with it for a second time.

Eye Contact

One of the most important parts of good customer service is eye contact, even though this might seem obvious, it is something that is often overlooked. A costumer might hear all the right things, for instance, but they might not receive eye contact.

On one side, there is the eye contact that can be given as soon as a customer opens the door, so to speak, and then there is the eye contact that they can receive whilst they are talking to someone who represents the business.

The First Stage

When someone is given eye contact at the first stage, they can feel acknowledged, and they can then feel as though they are important. As a result of this, the second stage can end up being a lot easier.

Whereas if someone isn’t acknowledged, they might not take the next step; however, it is not always going to be possible for this stage to take place. And this is because it could be the type of business where they speak to people straight away.

The Second Stage

After the first stage has taken place, and providing this is something that can take place, it will be important for the customer to be given eye contact. Through this, they will be acknowledged, and this can allow them to feel important and respected, among other things.

When someone feels this way, they are more likely to want to take things further. If this doesn’t take place; someone can feel as though they are not important, and it can be seen as a sign of disrespect.

The Outcomes

In this case, it could be the end of the interaction, and someone might decide to go somewhere else. When this doesn’t take place, it could be just the beginning, and they could end up being a lifelong customer.

This is not to say that eye contact is the only thing that matters; what it empathises is how important it is. Having said that, there are some parts of the world were eye contact is not seen in a positive light, and in these countries, the customer service is likely to be different.

A Few Seconds

This is something that can last for a few seconds each time, and when someone is not looking at a customer, they can look to the side of their head, for instance. Through doing this, they can maintain the connection that they have developed.

Whereas if they were to look away from them, it could create the impression that they are not interested in what the other person has to say. Also, if they were to maintain aye contact and not break it from time to time, it could come across as though they are staring.

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