In the very last few years, tankless water heater technology has become a lot more press coverage. So much in fact that now, the majority of house owners do have some understanding about them. Latest studies and surveys have proven exciting consumer opinions.

It appears that the advocates of tankless water heating technology have done a great job of advertising. Most respondents-over 90%-say that they will be interested in purchasing a gas tankless water heater after learning about its advantages. The information gathered also reveal that the best convincing reason for buying a gas tankless water heater is the assurance of power savings linked with its use. All the same, the tankless model’s longer life span compared to tank water heaters and its capacity to provide endless warm water only if needed both are top purchase drivers.

Tankless water heater manufacturers, distributors, retailers, marketers, and even installers are receiving a lot of insight from the outcomes of the surveys and studies. It provides them an improved handle about how the consumers see tankless water heater technology. Using a better understanding of the end user can make a positive change for point of purchase purposes. It provides the retailers a better idea just what the buyer’s main concerns are and allows them to better convey the details that would be most helpful-and from their end, most interesting for the consumer as well.

Some useful details surfaced in the study. Most of the participants from the latest survey lists the water heater as a major home appliance and that a device that is out-of-order would rank as challenging and will be considered a top priority. Also, more than a 3rd mentioned which they experience running out of hot water because of increased demand, for instance, when numerous hot water outlets are turned on at the same time.

The false impact that tankless water heaters provide instant hot water at the tap remains quite prevalent; over two-thirds of the respondents believe this to be real. Though most property owners are conscious that they are energy efficient, few are conscious that tankless water heaters can offer as much as 40% power cost savings just before the survey. Lastly, more than half of the respondents were unaware that tankless water heaters have a life-span of 20 years or even more.

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