Often a time it is witnessed that the small businesses ignore the fact of gracefully handling customer calls. Hereby gracefully, I mean to say that the approach professional call center executives practice of giving a courteous script to each call, which gives a professional feel to the caller. The call center executives are trained for that and moreover, they have that infrastructure such as a high tech call center solution, which empowers them to attend each call with the same professionalism and empathy. This is not possible in small business due to a variety of reasons. However, it is important that every time a caller calls into your organization, he gets a highly professional feel and treatment. The best approach for this is to set up a customer care center in your organization.

There are two different ways to implement the customer care or contact center for your organization.

1. Set up an in-house call center

You can set up an in-house call center to attend your callers. This would require you to hire the trained professionals, set up call center infrastructure by buying the call center software, call minutes, etc.

2. Outsource your customer care contract to a call center

The second approach can be, to outsource your customer care work to an established call center. All your calls will be attended by their executives and you only need to pay the monthly or on work basis fees.

For a small business, it is advisable to outsource the customer care contract to the call center instead of setting up an in-house one. There are a bunch of reasons for the same. The key reasons are listed below:

Setting up a call center from scratch is expensive

Call center requires highly trained and skilled manpower, expensive infrastructure like the server, call center software, and many other things. As a startup, you might not have many calls which can justify the cost of setting up a whole call center environment. Also, hiring trained executives for attending the calls professionally would ask for extra efforts in managing that employee like his payroll, HR related concerns, etc. At the initial level, it is good to channelize the budget and efforts in your market. However, you can't ignore the fact that you have to handle calls professionally and in an appealing way.

It will diversify your focus

The major reason for not setting up a customer care center in your own premises is that you are good with your business and not in the call center industry. Furthermore, you might not expand your wings in the call center industry in the nearer future. So for your business at this point of time, the best thing would be to channelize all your efforts and energy in your core competency instead of diversifying it.

By outsourcing the customer care contract to call center, you can satisfy both important goals of your business. You will get an ecosystem to attend each call of your clients and prospects. This will surely help in improving lead generation, customer support, and brand building. On the other hand, it will keep you available to focus on your core competency.

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Mehul S works for a VoIP company that offers the best call center solution and related services such as, call center CRM integration, VICIDial customization, turnkey contact center solution, etc.