If you're going to start rolling like a pro, you need the tools of the trade to make your joints and blunts perfect without wasting a single crumb of grass. Rolling trays are your best friend.

Do you hate the fact that every time you roll a tobacco or joint, you spill, mess and waste some of your precious herbs in the process? I guess nobody likes that!

That's where RollYourOwnPapers.com rolling trays come in. With rounded corners and high walls, they make you spill and not waste anything, ensuring that your joints and tobaccos roll up without getting dirty.

Check out our wood rolling tray selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our online shops.

If you like to be organized, the wooden trays with compartments and all kinds of features are made for you. If you like strong and durable material, take a look at our collection of wooden trays that feature your favorite character or brand.

Our catalog includes funky wooden trays, custom wooden trays, pink glitter trays, and many others. Available in different sizes, from small, small to large rolling trays, we cover all your needs.

Take a look at our collection of papers and trays and get ready to fall in love. And if that's not enough, we offer free delivery and shipping worldwide.

All of our wheeled trays have raised edges that make it easy to keep everything exactly where you want it, on a flat surface, or balanced on your lap (or on your stomach in bed, let's be honest).

The rolling trays are not only extremely useful but also come in a range of amazing designs, like the custom mini wooden rolling tray. Most of our rolling trays cost only ... you guessed it! That means you can get up to three trays, so you can have a fresh rolling tray for every occasion.

Rolling a small joint? Are you trying to travel with your rolling tools? Consider a mini rolling tray as the custom wooden tray. If you are looking to roll a blunt or just prefer a larger space to organize your grass, papers, and other materials, a full-size tray like the custom wooden tray may be a better choice.

Many of our rolling trays, like the rough wood tray, are made from custom wood simply because it is durable. Wood has a coat of paint that prevents rust and makes it very easy to clean in just a few seconds.

Stop messing up your desk or coffee table, stop wasting herbs by dropping crumbs all over the rug. Make the most of your rolling experience with a talking grass rolling tray. Ready to roll like a pro?

Take a look at our selection of wooden rolling trays to get the best in unique or custom pieces made by hand in our home and living stores. At Rollyourownpapers.com, we want to supply your company with quality products at the lowest possible prices. RollYourOwnPapers.com believes in making smoking accessories easily accessible to everyone. We buy directly, we eliminate the intermediary and we pass the savings on to them.

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Our custom rolling trays let you show off a bit of your personality by bringing their own to your smoking. The most common custom rolling tray material is wood.