If you are looking for custom pre rolled cones for your pre-roll line or custom branded blunt cones to elevate your pre-roll brand, look no further than RollYourOwnPapers.com. We offer a responsive, comprehensive, and personalized experience. We work with you every step of the way to make sure you get personalized pre-rolled cones that look as good as your flower.

From our ultra-fine 100% organic hemp rolling paper to the strict phase claim test standard, we pride ourselves on having the most reliable and highest quality custom pre-rolled cones. We are the factory, so we offer low MOQ, fast lead times, and help you keep it in stock.

We work with pre-roll brands in all national and international brands. Companies trust us to help them create truly exceptional pre-roll products. We are looking forward to cooperating with you! For more information on custom cones, see our Buyer's Guide to Custom Pre-Rolled Cones.

Pre-rolled cones are blunt envelopes or rolled-up fag papers that have already been rolled up. These paper cones have a spacer with a straw or material inside to maintain the shape of the cone. The cone can be filled with marijuana (cannabis). When twisted, they can ignite and swell.

Pre-rolled joints are usually wound with lightweight paper and allow customers to stay stocked in pre-rolled cones. We sell supplies at wholesale prices from trusted names in the industry such as Elements and RAW Pre-Rolled Organic Cones. We also have organic hemp options available. We have custom pre-rolled cones, as well as additional custom label options to add your logo or text to each package.

RollYourOwnPapers offers the widest variety of printing options for your custom pre-rolled cones. You can print directly onto the filter paper or opt for premium outer packaging. 4 color offset printing is included as standard, however, we can print your custom artwork up to 12 colors! We also offer additional printing options such as UV dot printing, aluminum stamping, and custom branded pre-roll packaging stamping.

Let your personalized pre-rolled cones perfectly match and represent your brand! We work with you to make sure your custom pre-roll cone design is perfect. If you need design help, our design experts can even design your custom filter tips for you!

At RollYourOwnPapers.com, we are proud to offer the widest range of paper types for your custom pre-rolled cones. We offer three different types of ultrafine rolling paper, pre-rolled blunt hemp cones, made from premium European hemp and palm leaf style cones and tubes.

We use only the highest quality papers in our custom cones and tubes, all of which have been tested for Phase III regulations in California and Health Canada regulations in Canada. Our ultra-thin French rolling papers are the thinnest in the custom pre-rolled cone industry - don't spoil your flower with shoddy cones, made from cheap overseas paper filled with chemicals and fillers like chalk.

Our competitors cannot beat our prices. Show us custom pre-rolled cone invoices and we'll show you better prices! Not only do we offer the best prices, but we use only ultra-fine French rolling paper and heavy-duty packaging, ensuring your cones are perfect at all times. Our prices are direct from the factory.

Put simply, RollYourOwnPapers offers the best wholesale prices available on the market for custom pre-rolled cones. We always exceed invoices from other manufacturers. As long as the quality is comparable, you are paying too much for your cones! Not only do we offer the best prices, but we also offer the lowest MOQ for custom branded cones, so that you can free up more money for your business.

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Convenient | Tired of rolling? Cant hand roll? No Problem. These are pre rolled cones with tips included! Seriously, just fill, pack & enjoy!