Gone are the days of traditional training sessions, which involved books, reports, and assignment loads. The trainees had to read and understand these books and reports, which was a tiring process. Further, worksheets of the trainees were manually checked, which took a lot of time. Moreover, cost incurred for developing all these processes was high and learning outcome was not up to the mark. Custom e-learning programs have challenged the traditional learning process by introducing path breaking solutions to the organizations.

Almost every organization uses computers these days; therefore implementation of online learning module is not a tedious task. The main idea behind the training programs is to impart knowledge and develop the skills of the employees. E-learning programs are efficiently catering to all the needs of different organizations. The technology is developing at a fast pace therefore problems of access, infrastructure, connectivity and bandwidth, will soon be solved so that even smaller organizations can opt for this type of learning.

Global organizations are practicing e-learning to train their employees and are effectively delivering the critical information to different locations simultaneously. Another advantage associated with this kind of learning is that instructor and trainee are not required to remain at one place at a time. Employees can access the training modules at homes or office as per their convenience. Organization’s productivity is also not hampered as employees are not required to sit for the entire training session at a time.

The whole e-learning module is customized as per the needs of the organization. The content is developed is such as way that it helps in attaining organizational goals within the estimated time limit. This type of learning is called custom e-learning as contents of the training module are designed specifically as per organization’s requirement. E-learning development is an important aspect of the learning management system or LMS. This program is being widely used in the industries like banking, life sciences, retail and software and IT. The content module is updated timely, which ensures that the employees of the organization are in line with the current market trends.

E-learning outsourcing is gaining immense popularity now-a-days. Major service providers of online learning training module, cater to the business specific needs of the organizations. Organizations can team up with these service providers and enhance their standards. By collaborating with these service providers, organizations can get the best content to enhance the skill-set of their employees. To avail maximum benefit, the courseware is strategically developed. With the use of graphics, the content is made visually appealing and effective too.

Before designing the course module for any firm, a plan is drawn in which even minutest of the details are covered. The service providers have a one on one session with the clients and areas requiring changes are duly noted. Later, a time bound course structure is designed, which helps the organizations in training their employees in the best possible way. While the content module is in the development stage, the service providers conduct quality checks in every step. The grammar and language of the subject matter is thoroughly examined while constructing the training module. Moreover, the content is also sent for technical review before being delivered to the client. Thus, E-learning outsourcing has proven to be highly effective for both new and old organizations.

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management. His expertise includes Custom e-learning, E-learning outsourcing and other Learning & Development matters.