When we speak of successful bathroom renovation, it is all about coming up with a remodelling that is not holistic, but which also meets the bespoke needs of the clients.

For instance, if a household has an ailing senior citizen, the renovation has to be such, that it adds more comfort and ease for that individual when it comes to using the bathroom.  

Here on this page, we discuss a few options of renovating a bathroom, keeping in mind the needs of a senior citizen.

Installing Simplistic Lever Faucets

Installing simplistic lever faucets always helps. It helps to get rid of all the turning and twisting, which can be a challenge for the elderly. There is a variety of lever faucets available in the market, and one has to choose a simplistic one, and that may include selecting the foot-operated faucets.

Installation of a new faucet is a cakewalk for the bathroom renovation specialists in Perth. However, before choosing one and installing the same, you need to have a talk to the professional regarding the plumbing aspect for the faucet.

Getting a Sprayer Attachment for the Shower-Head

Getting a detachable showerhead will come in handy for the elderly. These showerheads can be detached and hand-held if and when needed, and this makes bathing far easier than what it is without them.

It furthermore takes away the hassle of standing and taking a shower, which is undoubtedly a disadvantage for the elders. Being able to sit while taking a shower gives them independence.

Installing Rails and Grab Bars

This is perhaps the easiest and the most effective way of renovating a bathroom in an elder-friendly way. Installation of rails and grab bars in the shower and the bathtub or near the toilet makes the entire bathroom a safe and friendlier zone for the elderly. Besides, it also becomes more accessible for caregivers to negotiate.

Raising The Toilet Height

Raising the height of the toilet as much (or as little) as 3 inches will make a lot of difference for the elderly. When it comes to raising the toilet height, there are a number of options. You can have the height of the toilet seat raised, or you can have the entire toilet replaced by a comfort height toilet.

Use Thick Rugs

Another very easy step that you can opt for is adding thick rugs for cushioning. Indeed, placing a well-padded rug or pillow beneath your knees will help the elders a lot. It will save their knees from hurting, and making the entire process much lesser chore for the seniors.

You can use those non-slip rugs and mats. These are the much better ways of saving elders from falls and injuries. More so, these are the low-cost options, when it comes to renovating bathrooms for the elderly. As far as the shower pans and the tub bottoms are concerned, a non-slip tape is another low cost, yet effective options.

Installation of Curbless Showers & Walk-in Bathtubs

When it comes to renovating bathrooms and making them suitable for elders' use, installing a curbless shower can make a lot of difference, more so for the seniors who are unable to lift their legs. A curbless shower will help the elders to transit from their wheelchair to the shower seat simply and easily.

Another option of renovating bathrooms for the seniors is installing walk-in bathtubs. They are always much easier to access than the traditional bathtubs, and most of these come with a seat as well.

So you see, there are so many ways of carrying out custom bathroom renovations in Perth that are specifically meant for elders. You just have to find out the best option.

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The author is one of the most renowned bathroom renovation specialists in Perth, offering custom renovations as per the clients’ needs. The author is also a blogger.