Did you know that curing gout is possible with a few special herbs? Though not quite as popular in the west, herbal therapy has been quite popular and very much effective. This article is intended to help you or your loved one cure this painful disease.

Though your doctor may have told you that gout does not have a cure. They were wrong! Gout does have a variety of cures including remedies, lifestyle changes and a cleaner diet. What the doctors meant was that there is no medicated cure for gout.

If you are looking for an effective alternative treatment for gout, you may want to try these herbs.

Gout and Natural Remedies

If you want to cure gout, you need to learn how to either flush or neutralize uric acid. You probably know that this disease is caused by high levels of uric acid. The uric acid typically forms into crystals between joints. Many times the big toe is targeted.

Fortunately, research for this disease is at an all time high. And gout can be cured if you learn how to eat the right foods, live a healthier lifestyle, and neutralize or flush the uric acid crystals.

Here are some basics about herbs and curing this disease.

Curing Gout with Herbs

One of the more popular herbal therapies for gout is cayenne pepper. There are 2 ways you can prepare this remedy. The first treatment calls for you to mix one tablespoon of cayenne with one cup of vinegar and one cup of water. Make sure to mix thoroughly and use a sponge to apply to affected joint(s). You may also wish to combine one tablespoon of cayenne with 1-3 tablespoons of wintergreen oil to create a paste. You can also mix and apply to joint.

There are also herbs that can be eaten. For instance, alfalfa can help neutralize high levels of uric acid. Alfalfa is high in minerals and nutrients and has been shown to dramatically reduce the symptoms.

Bilberry is commonly referred to as a natural anti-inflammatory. Bilberry is filled with anthocyanosides which have been shown to help with treating symptoms for this form of arthritis.

Finally, burdoch has also been popular. Burdoch can neutralize uric acid which can eventually reduce symptoms and reverse the disease.

What Else Can You Do?

Herbal therapy is one small part of naturally curing gout. If you are interested in learning about other simple remedies, food rules and lifestyle tips that will teach you to fully cure gout, please visit our website today. We offer a 100% guaranteed, researched, and step by step remedy report that has helped thousands of people.

Gout Herbs

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