One of the things that make people sad is the loss of hair. Bald people do not get jobs, people do not invite them for parties or get-togethers. They lead a lonely life because they have no hair. This situation is now becoming better at some places including Delhi and Bangalore. You can get new hair by transplanting it.

Process of transplanting

This takes place at the clinic in two to three sessions. In each session, they transplant between 500 - 2500 hair grafts. The number of grafts varies from person to person. If the person wants thicker hair, he or she must undergo more transplants. The cost of the graft is between 30 - 45 INR per graft. Each graft has 1-3 hair follicles. This will resemble the natural hair growth of the person undergoing the hair transplant.

If you are bald or going bald, you can arrange a consultation with a reputable Hair Transplant Clinic in Bangalore. They will study your scalp and hair density and give their recommendation. They have two methods of transplanting hair. One is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method while the other is the Follicular Unit Transfer (FUT) method. People prefer the FUE method as the trauma is lesser. This allows the person to recover from the surgery faster.

Choose the type of transplant

You have hair transplants for all parts of the body. For instance, you can add more hair to your eyebrows or mustache. Or, you may have a beard transplant to improve the way your beard looks. Even women have their hair transplant done here to increase the hair density on their heads. Getting more hair improves the personality of the person and increases the chances of him or her getting recognition and possibly a promotion at work.

The method of the hair transplant is like this. Hair grows well when it has the growth hormones. You find this more in the places where the hair is dense such as the back of the head. The growth hormone is present in the scalp in these areas. So, the hair surgeon removes the growth hormones along with the hair follicle from these areas and transplants them to the areas where there is no hair such as the front of the head.

Method of hair growth

The growth factor stimulates the growth of new hair. The hair that they transplant to the front of the head will fall out within one month or so. Then, new hair grows in its place and within six months you have dense hair growing at the front of the head. This is the basis of the Hair Transplant in Bangalore and it has proven successful for all the clients in the past.

Hair fall occurs when the condition for the hair growth stops. This means the condition of the scalp is bad with poor nutrition and not enough moisture or there is a lack of good growth factors. It happens when you have an excess of vitamin A, lack vitamin B, and have a deficiency of proteins along with anemia. You need to know what is causing the hair fall and take remedial action along with the hair transplant. Then, you remain assured that your new hair will not fall out and leave you bald again.

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