People who suffer from hair loss do not have an attractive personality. So, they will lose many opportunities in their social circle and at work also. But, now one can cure baldness with a simple but permanent hair transplant surgery. For this, a skilled surgeon is needed. You will get one by going to Delhi, Bangalore, or Pune.

Choose a good clinic

Find out if the clinic has a famous personality like the inventor of the FUSE method of hair transplant. This will ensure the success of your hair transplant. But you don’t have to worry because, in most places, they guarantee the life of the hair for 20 years. Always ask for the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi before you fix your appointment.

Select the hair transplantation type you like

There are many methods of transplanting hair.

FUE Method: This is the traditional method where the hair follicle is removed one at a time. This process damages hair roots and so it is superseded by the FUSE method.

FUSE Method: In this method, the hair follicle is removed using a special punch that avoids damaging the nearby hair follicles. So, all the follicles will remain in good shape. This will help you get a good, thick hair growth in the new transplanted region.

FUHT Method: This is the Follicular Unit Hair Transplant method. In this, long strips of the scalp along with the hair is removed and transferred to the bald regions of the head. This method is fast but it is invasive. It will take a longer time for the cuts to heal. But people who don’t have the time will opt for this method. Check that you are getting your hair treatment at the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi. This way, you will not throw your money away.

Arrange the finance for the procedure

This is the important part for without money nothing will go forward. The cost of the hair transplant is quite a huge sum. The clinic may allow EMI payment if you have a credit card. Check with them if you may make monthly payments. If yes, you will only need to make an initial deposit to fix the date of the hair transplant. Until you clear the entire amount, your credit card will be locked up. If this is alright with you, go ahead and make the payment.

Get a good donor for your hair

If you do not have a good growth of hair in the back of the head, it is better to find a friend who will donate hair. This friend must have good thick hair so that when they extract the hair at the clinic it will be good material that they transfer to your head. You will have to ask this friend to stay with you for the duration of your transplant. So, make sure that your friend has leave from work on the day of the hair transplant.

If you want to go ahead with the transplant, do so without wasting time. The more you delay, the more you will remain looking like an old man. Get your youthful looks back and start living life.

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