All the foods and beverages that you eat and drink have a very definite effect on your health condition and will definitely play a major role in the frustratingly miserable problem of insomnia and the ability to cure insomnia naturally and permanently.

The absolute ruler of the food products that'll keep you wide-eyed and bushy-tailed (especially when you don't need to be) is of course, caffeine!

It's not all bad though, caffeine also has good anti-oxidizing properties and can be energy-inducing when used in moderation and at the right times. It's really just a matter of you understanding your own tolerance levels and then taking control of how much you have and when you have it.

Caffeine-containing food products

There's an awful lot of them that contain huge amounts of sleep-crippling caffeine. Do yourself a favor and check out the labels of the items you want to buy before you buy them.
The colas, teas and coffees are of course especially caffeine loaded, try out caffeine free herbal teas as an alternative late night drink!

Know what you can tolerate and when to have your caffeine rush

Simply put, one person can have a few cups every day with no issue, while another person could experience some severe jitters for a prolonged period after a small dose - we're all different!

As a summary; it depends upon your individual tolerance level or sensitivity toward caffeine, but good advice would be to keep your caffeine intake for the first half of your day - it can take anything between one and six hours for the stimulating effects of caffeine to wear off.

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