Of the many different causes for the modern world wide plague of sleep-loss, the most widely spread is the frustrating, misery causing condition known as insomnia.

I know from personal experience, prior to finding out how to cure insomnia naturally, that being awake for most of, or even all of the night for many nights in a row is guaranteed to drive you almost completely batty - you can just never find enough to do to occupy your time (and even if you did, you don't have enough energy to do it anyway).

As an insomniac, most especially one who is depending on drugs for a forced unnatural sleep, you end up with an awful dry-mouthed, cotton-wool-filled brain type of existence - seemingly just on the fringe of humanity, because everyone else around you is irritatingly happy, energetic and focused.

The miserable condition of insomnia is prematurely ageing and physically and mentally destructive in many ways, but the cure is a matter of coming to terms with and then treating the various causes such as stress, depression, poor health and\or lack of healthy exercise, poor diet and even inconsistent or plain bad bedtime habits (poor "Sleep Hygiene").

Insomnia makes for a huge topic of discussion - too much for this article. Answering these questions with the appropriate actions would go a long way to helping destroy insomnia;

1. What do you do if you don’t fall asleep straight away, or wake during the night and can’t fall asleep again?

- Make a cup of tea or coffee? Switch on the TV?

2. You’ve recently been sleeping badly – How do you feel when bedtime comes?

- Frustrated? Annoyed at everything and everybody?

3. What do you think about while you’re lying there, waiting for sleep?

- Relationship issues? Work issues? Financial issues?

4. What’s your activity level like while suffering from sleep deprivation?

- Slow? Non-existant?

5. How exactly do you prepare for the night?

- A quick snack? A quick hot cup of tea? On the sofa in front of the TV?

6. How do you compensate for not sleeping the previous night?

- Early night? A stiff drink (or two)?

7. How do you rate your chances for consistent, easy sleep in the future?

- You believe it'll never happen? You believe you can live with your insomnia?

All these answers are wrong - Only the correct answers and then the correct follow-up actions will help an insomniac!

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