Of all the foods out there in our modern day world, the most important ones for ensuring we get our fair and full quota of natural sleep are those that contain the amino acid tryptophan - pronounced TRIP-TOE-FAN.

This builder of the brain-relaxing neurotransmitters melatonin and serotonin is a crucial element in the overall ability to effectively cure insomnia naturally and permanently.

Here's a helpful list of some tryptophan-containing foods, that when used as part of a healthy, controlled diet plan, will help make sure you consume a regular high quota of this essential sleep-creating natural nutrient;

1. Red meat
2. Eggs
3. Poultry
4. Seafood
5. Nuts - peanuts, hazelnuts etc
6. Seafood
7. Dairy - cheese, milk etc
8. Beans
9. Hummus
11.Soy products
12.Sunflower seeds

It's already a known fact that weak or incorrect dietary habits will destroy your health in many ways - why make it worse by increasing the symptoms of insomnia with the wrong food? What, how and when you eat is just one part of the gentle brain re-training that you're going to need, along with ridding yourself of all the other causes of your insomnia.

As a matter of interest, there is an important relationship between tryptophan and carbohydrates. Meals for assisting you with sleepiness are those that contain a carb with only a small portion of protein - so keep this meal type for the second half of your day.

Energy boosting meals are those that contain a larger portion of protein with little or no carbs - perfect meal types for the first half of you day (breakfast, brunch, lunch).

In summary; along with stress, the lack of a healthy exercise routine, poor sleep hygiene and the necessary re-training of your brain, your poor dietary habits are only part of the many collective causes of insomnia and as such needs to be treated very seriously.

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