Cure For Panic Attacks: Best Medication For Panic Attacks And Anxiety

When you're looking to find a cure for panic attacks it's vital to do what's right for you, and not just follow the general advice offered to everyone who is living with an anxiety disorder.

General advice is fine as a starting point, but unless you get specific and adjust the advice to suit your own needs, your chances of success will be compromised.

The good news is, you know yourself better than anybody does. You know what makes your anxiety worse, and you know what makes your anxiety better. This is incredibly important, because it means you can instantly disregard something the moment you hear it, simply because you know it isn't right for you. And on the other hand, when you hear something that sounds like it's right for you, you can start using it right away, giving it your highest priority.

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So from now on, when you receive or stumble upon general advice, look at how you can modify it to work best for you. Perhaps you hear lots of people telling you that jogging is a great cure for panic attacks. But you know that jogging puts an uncomfortable strain on your back and knees. Instead of ignoring the advice completely, why not take the "exercise is good for anxiety" aspect of it and try something like walking, or swimming? In almost all cases you can tailor the advice given to you so that it works for you.

What's important is that you don't ignore something simply because you think it won't work for you. Find a way to make it work. Adjust it, alter it, bend the rules. Finding a way to follow all the advice you're given is a great way to find a cure for panic attacks, and it's one that I really hope you'll give a shot.

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It isn't easy to get rid of anxiety attacks forever. But with the right attitude and some proven techniques you can help eliminate your anxiety attacks for good.

Anxiety attacks are usually triggered when someone already has very high levels of anxiety and stress in their lives. These are higher than what would be experienced under normal circumstances.

Normally, if you found yourself in a stressful event such as taking an exam, a job interview, public speaking, driving in heavy traffic, being in a crowded elevator, etc., you'd be able to handle it (albeit with feelings of stress) and come out the other side okay.

But, if you are in a period of your life where you are already suffering stress, anxiety or worry on a daily basis, you will have higher-than-normal levels of anxiety. So that, when you experience an otherwise normal stressful event or situation, your anxiety levels can shoot up dramatically triggering an anxiety attack.

This happens because your body is programmed to react instantly to any situation that could be potentially harmful to it. This is your body's primeval 'fight or flight' response. When this happens, the chemical processes in your body enhance things like your sight, hearing, speed of reaction, physical strength, etc. That is, to better prepare you to fight the danger or run away from it.

What happens in modern day living is that where someone's already elevated anxiety levels have increased, through driving in thick rush-hour traffic for example, the body reads that as a signal that it is in immediate danger. So it takes no chances and triggers it's fight or flight response, leading to an anxiety attack.

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So it's important for you to realise that the horrible symptoms of an anxiety attack are just your body's reaction to a perceived threat that doesn't in fact exist. And these symptoms cannot harm you.

It's just that when you were having an attack, because you knew there wasn't any physical danger, you couldn't understand the changes happening so quickly in your body. You thought then that you must be having a heart attack, for instance. But you weren't, you were perfectly safe all the time. You just didn't know it.

Now when considering how to get rid of anxiety attacks you need to bear the above in mind; they cannot harm you. So during an attack, the first thing is to recognise the symptoms for what they are, keep calm and remember that you'll come out the other side without any harm.

And there are techniques such as re-breathing into a paper bag to help re-balance your oxygen / carbon dioxide levels which are out of kilter during an attack. Also, try to focus on something, anything, that is around you. It could be a building, a bill board, a tree, anything that distracts you from thinking inwardly about the attack.

But, in considering how to get rid of anxiety attacks forever, you first need to eliminate your 'fear' of having another attack. This is important, because that very 'fear' can actually trigger another anxiety attack, because it builds on your already elevated anxiety. It's part of a vicious cycle of fear that must be broken first in order to truly eliminate anxiety attacks forever.

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If you've been having sleeping problems for some time it could be due to anxiety. There is a definite link between anxiety and sleeplessness. Poor sleep reduces your effectiveness at work, affects relationships and even your health. But if you suffer from general anxiety where you're continually under stress and always anxious, then it's very difficult to get a good night's sleep. Here, you'll discover 5 tips for anxiety and sleeplessness.

With anxiety you are constantly obsessed and inward looking, full of negative thoughts, and always worrying about issues in a way that far outweighs their seriousness. And this is even worse when you're alone, so that in bed these negative thoughts seem amplified. They go around and around your head, making it very hard to get any sleep.

Here are 5 simple tips to help you overcome your anxiety sleeping problems...

1 - Do not consume any stimulants before going to bed. These are things like tea, coffee, red bull type drinks, etc. which contain caffeine. Also alcohol, which first acts like a stimulant and then acts like a depressant. In fact, to help with your general anxiety, you should cut these out altogether.

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2 - Take daily exercise. 30 minutes each day helps to relieve stress and calm you by relieving both mental and physical tension.

3 - Change to a healthy, well balanced diet. A good, healthy diet ensures that your body gets the proper amount of nutrients and the chemicals in your body and brain are properly balanced.

4 - Practice controlled breathing everyday. This exercise is great for relieving tension by helping to re-balance the oxygen / carbon dioxide ratio in your body. It's important to ensure that you breath using your diaphragm and not just your chest.

5 - Get rid of all possible stress during the day. Don't take work and work worries home with you; leave them at work. Ditch any personal relationships that are causing you daily stress and worry; your health is more important. Situations which cause you stress like shopping at busy times or driving during rush hour -- try to change these to less stressful times. Get the idea?

But the only real way to get a good night's sleep is to get rid of your general anxiety which is at the heart of your problem...

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Agoraphobia treatments include a wide range of possible medication usage coupled with either behavioral therapy or cognitive therapy. Of all these choices, behavioral therapy is the one I've actually seen work wonders and so it is the one I generally use to help others trying to overcome agoraphobia.

This is not to say I believe medication to be of no use. In fact, I believe the opposite. However, the kinds of medications being used change frequently and not being a doctor, I am loath to prescribe any. Also true about medication is, They are used to make the nervous illness manageable while the patient is recovering. The medications in themselves are not agoraphobia cures. This is much the same as a patient being prescribed pain killers while recovering from a broken leg.

The Advantage to Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy holds the real cure for agoraphobia because while agoraphobia patients are generally panicked when they are outside their homes, this therapy gives them a pleasant experience outside their homes. With behavioral therapy, a patient is accompanied while leaving the house, sometimes at a rate of one step further each day. The turnaround happens when the patient becomes impatient with this slow rate of progress and forces the issue.

When this happens, the therapist tries to keep the patient from progressing further. At this time, a role reversal of sorts takes place and the cure is near as the patient is emboldened to leave home for longer periods of time. At this point, he/she generally becomes interested in visiting more places as well.

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Overcoming Agoraphobia Involves Doing

Medication could not achieve a thought process change of this kind. There simply is no pill which encourages the patient to change his or her thought process or physical activity desires. Cognitive therapy is very helpful in anxiety disorders such as depression because this therapy helps the patient react positively to thoughts he or she used to react negatively to.

However, agoraphobia is an illness which actually involves physically doing, or not doing things. So, behavioral therapy holds great promise because this therapy gives the patient true hands-on experiences. The kinds of experiences only a non-agoraphobia sufferer could have. Even if the confidence brought on by this experience is short lived, the next lesson will bring more anti-agoraphobia experiences and more confidence.

If the therapist takes his/her time and doesn't force the issue sooner or later the patient will want to go it alone. The therapist must refuse to let the patient go alone until the patient absolutely begs or revolts altogether. When this happens the patient is cured of the agoraphobia even though some anxiety disorder may linger.

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