Cupping massage is a complementary therapy that relieves bodily ailments such as muscle aches, cold and flu symptoms, asthma, high blood pressure and menstrual pain, as well as relieving stress and improving overall wellbeing. At La Spa Therapie Malahide we offer cupping massage customised to suit your individual needs.

Here in Ireland any kind of therapy which involves cups also typically involves lots of tea and biscuits and good a chit-chat with friends. So the idea of placing cups on our body to relieve bodily aches and pains may seem a bit strange at first. But after you’ve experienced the benefits of a cupping massage you’ll understand why this complementary therapy is practised and praised around the world.

So what is Cupping Massage and how does it work?

Cupping has been used in cultures around the world for centuries. This unique deep tissue massage treatment has its roots in ancient Greece where the holistic benefits of this non-invasive treatment eventually spread around the world.

There are many styles and techniques of cupping, all of which use specially designed suction cups to draw energy, blood, and fluids to the surface in order to promote circulation, break up scar tissue and ease muscle spasms and tensions.

The heated cups can either be placed in one specific area on your body or a sliding technique may be used in conjunction with a massage oil. Alternatively, during “flash” cupping, a cup is repeatedly applied to one area for less than a second. The various cupping movements may be long with the intention of draining fluid, or quick and circular to stimulate stubborn knots and areas of rigid tissue.

The suction comes from a vacuum created by heating the air in the cup and placing the cup flush against the skin of the back, or whatever area of your body requires healing. The intensity of the treatment varies, and will be adjusted according to your comfort level.

How does a Cupping Massage feel during and after treatment?

Most people find cupping to be a relaxing and comfortable experience. The cupping technique has a sedating action on the nervous system, which often results in a state of deep calm. People often feel a warming sensation during the session and a pleasant tingling sensation long after the treatment has ended.

During the treatment the cupped areas on the skin will turn red, indicating that blood circulation has been brought to the surface, but this redness does not last long and the cupping technique causes no irritation to the skin.

People often use cupping massage to relieve muscle spasms, back aches, common colds, flu like symptoms, coughs, asthma and pre-menstrual symptoms. Like massage, cupping can also be used to relieve stress, improve digestion, lower blood pressure, and improve sleep and restfulness.

Cupping massage is often used in conjunction with other massage treatments. Here at La Spa we recommend rounding off your cupping treatment with a luxurious honey massage. The nutritional benefits of honey can be more easily absorbed into the skin after the circulation-boosting cupping technique and is a real treat for your skin!

To find out more, contact our resident cupping massage expert, Virginija, on 01 8548000. Take a look at some more of our complementary therapies on our website Today!

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